Prey Brought Back Some Predator Franchise Legends Behind The Scenes

Speaking to Bloody Disgusting, director Dan Trachtenberg reveals he was initially hesitant about hiring the legendary special effects duo for his film. Before meeting with Gillis and Woodruff Jr., the director says he was interested in bringing in a new special effects company “that would feel like they could throw down and have something to prove because I love giving people a start.” However, Trachtenberg’s mind quickly changed when he met with the veterans:

But then I met with Tom and Alec. And they were undeniably charming, and we’ve talked a lot about what they had always felt, maybe a little handcuffed by, in previous entries in the franchise and how excited they would be to do something special with this…I think they did go above and beyond in creating something better than anything they’ve ever done before and certainly in the Predator franchise. Even as far as just movie creatures go, it’s just an awesome movie creature.

Even after creating dozens of Predators over the years, the SFX crew takes on “Prey” with fresh eyes and ears. The extensive design process for the new (but canonically old) Predator exemplifies how Gillis and Woodruff Jr. are able to bring a new sensibility to the decades-old character not viable for previous installments. Yet, they stick to the practical qualities of a real-life suit, upgrading the terror factor of the Predator’s design without feeling too polished. 

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