Power Rangers Confirms New Dark Ranger Is More Powerful Than a 90s Icon

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108When it comes to the Power Rangers, fans always held the second Red Ranger’s fighting skills in high regard, but not even Rocky DeSantos is able to best the franchise’s new Dark Ranger.

Rocky and Adam are two of the best fighters the Power Rangers have, but Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 by Melissa Flores, Marco Renna, Francesco Segala, and Gloria Martinelli proves that even they are clearly shown to be at a disadvantage against Vessel, Rita Repulsa’s new dark ally. After the Power Rangers discovered the connection between Vessel and Zordon, the new Dark Ranger breaches the team’s Command Center and stomps the iconic Red Ranger – along with the second Black Ranger, Adam Park – with practically no effort. And although he spares them, he makes it clear that he didn’t have to.


The Red Ranger Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against The Dark Ranger

Red and Black Power Rangers Defeat

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 finds Vessel on a warpath for Zordon. Disregarding Rita’s assault on Angel Grove and making his way to the Command Center, Vessel’s incursion is met by the two legacy Power Rangers, as well as Alpha-5 and Zordon himself. The Rangers attempt to defend their mentor and ally, only for Vessel to make short work of the duo without even breaking a sweat before punching a hole through Alpha’s chest. While his motivations for confronting Zordon aren’t entirely hostile, the disembodied spirit calls out the harsh treatment of his pupils, to which Vessel replies, “For your sake, I did not kill your Rangers. They still live.

The Rangers have been up against some pretty dangerous threats during their time as heroes. From the iconic Power Rangers villains of the 90s like Rita Repulsa or even Lord Zedd to even the Death Ranger, the Teenagers With Attitude have taken them all on and triumphed in the end. But Vessel’s power levels in this confrontation make it clear that if he really wanted to put the Power Rangers down, they wouldn’t have much of a chance.

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Plenty of threats faced by the Power Rangers have been singularly more powerful than any individual warrior – even the Red Ranger, but it’s quite rare that one enemy can defeat any of the heroes so soundly with little to no effort, especially when outnumbered. Having humiliated one of the franchise’s icons, the second Red Ranger, that level of power puts this newest Dark Ranger into a league all his own and puts the Power Rangers in grave jeopardy should Vessel ever truly turn on them.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #108 is on sale now from BOOM! Studios.

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