New York City’s Subway is Officially Marvel’s Newest Killer Villain

The C train is a murderer in Marvel Comics and must be stopped – and it’s not even the first time the NYC subway attacked its riders.

Warning: SPOILERS for Gold Goblin #2The New York City subway is officially a villain in the Marvel Universe, and Doctor Strange is to blame. New York City holds many superheroes in Marvel comics, but it also holds many dangers; multiple supervillians call the city home, and the location is continuously attacked by the likes of Doctor Doom, Ultron, Thanos and more. But Gold Goblin #2 reveals that the former Green Goblin knows one part of New York every citizen should avoid: the homicidal C train.


At the end of Nick Spencer’s 2021 Spider-Man run, Norman Osborn decided to make a change in his life and leave his past as the Green Goblin behind forever. Now operating as the heroic Gold Goblin, Norman vowed to protect the city as a masked vigilante – but when his face was seen by two people whom he saved, his identity was outed to the world. This makes Osborn’s journey toward becoming a hero that much more difficult, but he perseveres – just in time, for the city is under the effects of the Dark Web event, and he is needed more than ever.

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In Gold Goblin #2, written by Christopher Cantwell with art by Lan Medina, Norman Osborn hurries into his suit and equipment; ever since the Dark Web effect surrounded New York, inanimate objects have come to life with no desire other than to eat humans. Osborn speeds through the city, watching the carnage unfold. One of his passengers protests; she could’ve just taken the C train home instead of a car. “The C train devoured five passengers this morning,” responds Norman. As strange as it would seem, this isn’t even the first time a NYC subway train has attacked passengers.

The NYC Subway Has Turned Homicidal In Marvel Comics (Again)

Gold Goblin says the C train devoured five people

In Death of Doctor Strange: Spider-Man #1, the deceased Strange leaves Spider-Man a set of instructions to carry out in the event of his death, one of which is “exorcise the 666 train.” The front car has a pentagram in one window and attempts to devour Peter, but this issue takes place roughly one year before Dark Web. It is possible that the C train Norman speaks of is yet another demonic train that Doctor Strange did not control before his death. In a way, it is his fault these trains are allowed to run wild.

For all his skills as a fighter, the Gold Goblin has absolutely zero magical abilities whatsoever, and the C train is a magic enemy. It’s entirely possibly that the 666 train will emerge again and Doctor Strange must return from the dead to stop it (it is heavily hinted that his new 2023 series will begin with his resurrection). Whatever the case, the C train should be avoided at all costs until the Green Goblin and Doctor Strange can successfully tame it once again.

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