Nam Joo-Hyuk Gets Ready for the Final Battle

Popular Disney Plus K-drama Vigilante aired a brand-new episode 7 on Wednesday, November 29, 2023, at 5 p.m. KST. The series follows the story of a young man named Kim Ji-Yong (Nam Joo-Hyuk). He is a sincere and hardworking police university student by day, but turns into the vengeful vigilante at night, delivering his own brand of justice to criminals. Ji-Yong takes the law into his own hands and challenges the system through his justice.

Episode 7 of Vigilante documents Kim Ji-Yong continuing his activities. However, this time around, he faces numerous challenges as the police detective team is almost on the verge of identifying him. Moreover, his plans don’t turn out as he wanted them to happen. This infuriates him, and he gets into an argument with Jo-Heon (Yoo Ji-Tae). Eventually, he decides to continue as the vigilante for one final battle.

Nam Joo-Hyuk’s plans go awry in Vigilante Episode 7

The episode begins with a news announcement about the attack on Jo-Heon. An onlooker not only spotted the attack but also discovers the vigilante rescuing the detective. Ji-Yong’s ally Jo Kang-Ok (Lee Joon-Hyuk) asks the reason behind saving Jo-Heon. Ji-Yong wishes to turn the detective into a vigilante as well by the end of his mission.

Reporter Choi Mi-Ryeo (Kim So-Jin) wants to visit Jo-Heon, but is not allowed inside the hospital room. Meanwhile, Chief Inspector Uhm Jae-Hyeop visits the detective, so Mi-Ryeo sends her regards through him. He asks the doctors to take care of Jo-Heon. Uhm Jae-Hyeop, who acted as Sewool CEO Kim Sam-Doo’s mole, plans a trap against the CEO himself and colludes with a politician for the same.

On the other hand, Kim Sam-Doo is furious at Mr. Bang for failing to kill Jo-Heon. Mr. Bang, in turn, threatens Sam-Doo, asking the CEO to let him do his job peacefully. Meanwhile, Ji-Yong attacks Sam-Doo’s men as they procure QQ coin-related information from the office. The Vigilante sets fire to the office, exchanges the coin in return for money, and donates it.

The following day, reporter Choi Mi-Ryeo reports it in the news. The orphanage owner, who had received the money, thanks the vigilante. On the office wall, Ji-Yong writes, asking Uhm Jae-Hyeop and Kim Sam-Doo to turn themselves in. However, Sam-Doo soon learns that Jae-Hyeop has plotted against him. When he confronts the inspector general about colluding with a political party, their conversation yields no result. Then, he asks his men to kill reporter Choi Mi-Ryeo.

Ji-Yong’s plans go awry when Mr. Bang kills the orphanage owner just to provoke the vigilante. Meanwhile, Nam Yeong-Gil, leader of the vigilante investigation team, sends his men to raid Mi-Ryeo’s office. However, the reporter live streams the whole raid. When the men catch her, Kang-Ok rescues her in time, asking her to not take risks that might hinder the vigilante’s mission.

The following day, Yeong-Gil goes to the police university and interrogates Kim Ji-Yong. The latter asks why he is being suspected. Yeong-Gil replies he has enough evidence to suspect that Ji-Yong might be the vigilante. He warns Ji-Yong to come clean, giving him one last chance. However, Ji-Yong maintains that he’s honest. Later on, Yeong-Gil reveals to his aide that the phone through which the QQ coin transaction was made was tracked back to the university.

Yeong-Gil meets an unconscious Jo-Heon to tell him that he won’t make the same mistake as him. Meanwhile, Ji-Yong visits Kang-Ok, thanking him for saving Choi Mi-Ryeo. He receives a call stating that Yeong-Gil has confiscated all the students’ computers. However, Ji-Yong isn’t worried. Apparently, he planted the phone in Uhm Jae-Hyeop’s office along with Kim Sam-Doo’s burner phone to further prove their collusion.

Yeong-Gil finds the phone and asks Jae-Hyeop to come clean. However, as he’s on his way back from the university, Yeong-Gil gets into a hit-and-run incident and dies. Once again, this wasn’t according to Ji-Yong’s plan. He is furious and meets Jo-Heon on his way. The latter advises him to stop once and for all, but Ji-Yong asks him to prove to him that justice still prevails strongly.

To know what happens next, don’t forget to watch the final episode of Vigilante, now streaming on Disney Plus.

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