Mystical Princess Zelda Cosplay Perfectly Captures Her Skyward Sword Look

A cosplayer has portrayed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’s Zelda in a magical new image, despite the fact the cosplay is technically unfinished.

A talented cosplayer has shown off their in-progress cosplay of Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The 2011 title showed players the story of the earliest incarnation of Zelda yet depicted, and similarly the origins of many other series staples.

Reddit user Kaellius has shown fans an impressive image of their Skyward Sword Zelda cosplay, featuring ethereal butterflies and other mystical elements, such as a similarly glowing fairy. The cosplay itself, by Kaellius’ own admission, is currently unfinished, although it seems that the cosplayer has finished the base dress. One notable absence from the cosplay in its current state is Zelda’s hair ribbons. At least some of Zelda’s other accessories, such as her bracelets, may also be unfinished, but the framing of the image obscures the truth of the matter. Nevertheless, even incomplete, this Zelda cosplay is a truly magical sight.


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Zelda Cosplay Is Impressive Even Though It’s Unfinished

Zelda pointing with Link behind her in Skyward Sword HD

There is much to be praised about the staging of this image. Even without her distinctive ribbons, Kaellius’ Zelda looks practically identical to her in-game self. It seems as if Zelda has just fallen to the Surface and was subsequently entranced by the new world around her. The plainly supernatural nature of the surrounding creatures only heightens the magical nature of the moment, as well as perhaps alluding to Zelda’s nature as the incarnation of the goddess Hylia. The fact that the blue gem decorating the front of her dress glows in the same manner similarly hints at this connection. Both this Zelda cosplay and the surrounding world are beautiful, and combined they easily make this photo look like a snapshot of early Hyrule.

In Skyward Sword, Zelda holds a unique position in the franchise’s lore. As the incarnation of Hylia, her presence in the world is actually part of a complex plan to defeat the Demon King Demise once and for all. She and her counterpart Link are subjected to a fearsome curse from Demise, which gives rise to Ganon and the other evil forces that plague Hyrule in other games. Of course, as Skyward Sword takes place before the establishment of Hyrule as a kingdom, this Zelda holds no royal title. She may not be alone, though; some fans have speculated that the newest Zelda will not be a princess in TOTK, due to her being the only remaining member of the royal family.

This cosplay proves that an outfit does not have to necessarily be considered ‘finished’ in order to have an incredible impact. Kaellius’ Zelda looks perfect, and the image editing that has gone into creating the world around her is masterful. The mortal goddess seems to fit in perfectly with her mystical surroundings, subtly hinting at her true nature while also demonstrating her curiosity and wonder at everything around her. Fans of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword are sure to enjoy this glimpse of the Spirit Maiden roaming the Surface in this gorgeous new cosplay of Princess Zelda.

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