My Hero Academia Stain Cosplay Proves Just How Chilling the Villain is

Stain is a ruthless villain of the My Hero universe, and in a highly accurate cosplay of the character, his love for blood and mayhem is palpable!

In the popular anime and manga series called My Hero Academia, there are more than a few villains the budding heroes of Class 1-A have encountered throughout their adventures, and now in a downright terrifying cosplay of one of the worst adversaries they’ve ever faced, the sadistic Stain comes to life in chilling detail!

A costume worn by Instagram handle @banzai_wolf_burger.fc, Brandon Banks is a cosplayer that has more than one impressive My Hero Academia design already under his belt, as he has also cosplayed as the hot-headed and explosively talented Bakugo, as well as a bunch of other anime and nerd-related characters. Professionally photographed by Nardio, a creator who also interviews cosplayers like Brandon about their epic costumes and what it takes to make them, this content producer consistently uploads videos and pictures of other anime and nerd-adjacent cosplays to their Youtube channel and website for fans around the world to enjoy.


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An especially evil and twisted character even when going by the high standards set by the other iconic villains of the My Hero Academia series, Stain aka Chizome Akaguro is a “Hero Killer” that has taken down and outright murdered more than his fair share of good guys, solidifying him as a character that ranks up there as one of the worst of the worst. Equipped with a katana and a variety of other sharp objects he uses to attack his foes, Stain’s Quirk called “Bloodcurdle” allows him to paralyze his prey should he ingest even the smallest amount of their blood, making the often bloody and brutal battles Deku and his friends partake in that much more dangerous when Stain is around.

A cosplay that immediately catches the eye thanks to Brandon putting his own spin on the character by adding some dreadlocks to a design that only enhances Stain’s iconic look, Brandon also goes all in on the arsenal of weapons the villain carries, with Stain’s katana and bloody knives making most welcome appearances. Perfectly placing his white mask on his face to really give his cosplay a flat-nosed look that Stain pulls off so disturbingly well in the anime and manga, Brandon finishes things out with a highly accurate recreation of Stain’s ripped and tattered clothing, including his flowing red scarf and white arm wraps!

My Hero Academia is a perfect series to pull cosplays from, and @banzai_wolf_burger.fc’s terrifyingly epic Stain design proves that point, with Nardio’s complementary content helping to seal the deal. For more My Hero Academia content, including some extra images of this scary good Stain cosplay, be sure to follow Brandon Banks on Instagram @banzai_wolf_burger.fc and Nardio on Youtube!

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