Luthen’s Shop In Andor Episode 4 Is Packed With Star Wars Easter Eggs

There’s an interesting thread between the more obvious Easter eggs, as Luthen seems to have gotten ahold of a piece of Mandalorian Beskar, proudly displayed in the front of the shop. Since “Andor” takes place after the siege of the planet Mandalore, the implication is that this piece of armor was ripped off a fallen Mandalorian and collected for trade in the aftermath. 

One of the “oldest” pieces in his collection he shows off to Mothma is an “Utapaun monk cudgel,” directly referencing the planet Utapau from “Revenge of the Sith,” where Obi-Wan defeated General Grievous. There is also a Twi’lek kalikori on one of the displays, which is a traditional family-tree heirloom passed down from multiple generations, sold in this store merely as a piece of table display.

There’s a double-headed serpent figure on display, and it looks exactly like one documented on the real world British Museum website. As a piece of Aztec art, this has lots of significance to the themes of the show. All the antiques mentioned previously are pieces of in-universe diaspora that have been displaced by the empire, leading for these nuggets of culture to be resold for high-class bidders. The serpent sculpture, despite not having relevance to “Star Wars” lore, is making a connection to colonization’s scars from the real world to the fictional happenings within the galaxy.

Actor and executive producer Diego Luna has expressed that his Latin American heritage would be a direct influence on “Andor” and its themes, and here lies a concrete reference to Indigenous history.

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