Latest Rumor Says The One Feature You’re Waiting For Could Be Real


  • Nintendo Switch 2 rumored to have backwards compatibility for both digital and physical games, enhancing them for newer hardware.
  • Backwards compatibility is highly demanded by players for game preservation and a consumer-friendly approach to gaming.
  • This is good news for Nintendo Switch players who won’t have to repurchase games for the new system, and it will attract new players with a wide selection of existing games.



A new rumor suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 will include a highly requested feature. Nintendo has yet to officially announce its next console but there have been several recent reports that have suggested what players can expect from its hardware, and when it may release.

As reported by UniversoNintendo (via. My Nintendo News), the PH Brazil podcast is claiming that the Nintendo Switch 2 will feature backwards compatibility for both digital copies of games and their physical game cards. Not only do these rumors suggest that the new device will be able to play these games, but apparently it will also enhance them should the developer update the game for the newer system.


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Backwards Compatibility Is Great For Game Preservation

And Is A Consumer-Friendly Approach To Gaming

One of the reasons that backwards compatibility is so highly demanded by players is that it helps massively with game preservation, especially with developers providing updates to help titles perform even better than before on newer hardware. While the Game Boy era of handhelds saw players able to plug their cartridges into the newer versions as they came out – and the first Nintendo DS and the DS Lite even had a port to run Game Boy Advance cartridges, even if this functionality was dropped in later models – Nintendo has been known to re-release remakes or remasters of past titles for the Nintendo Switch instead due to the console’s fundamentally different hardware.

Nintendo Switch Online users have been granted access to select titles from the NES and SNES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color, with an Expansion Pack adding titles from the Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis, and Game Boy Advance. While this is a good way for players to play some older titles from the Nintendo catalog, with the rumors that the Nintendo Switch 2 is largely going to be a better version of the Nintendo Switch, much like the Game Boy’s enhancements over the years, it wouldn’t make much sense to charge players to pay for a title again that they only bought a couple of years prior for similar hardware.

While remasters and remakes for recent titles have become fairly common in the gaming industry in recent years, there has also been the practice of adding free new-gen upgrade patches for select titles on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X so players don’t have to repurchase their games to get the best experience on modern devices. Considering the impressive amount of games that Nintendo Switch players will have accrued at this point, this is undoubtedly going to be good news if it is true, and for those who may be considering picking up a Nintendo console for the first time when the Nintendo Switch 2 launches, they will already have plenty of games outside of its launch titles to choose from.

Source: PH Brazil/Spotify, UniversoNintendo (via. My Nintendo News)

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