Keke Palmer and SZA Want Big Boys for Cuffing Season in New Sketch

The sketch also featured Ego Nwodim, Punkie Johnson, and Cecily Strong.

Saturday Night Live has yet again given us another bop of a song with their new ‘Big Boys’ digital short. With host Keke Palmer leading the charge, the episode which kicks off the month of December reminded us of an important time of year: cuffing season. In the digital short that included musical guest SZA, the song starts with Palmer, Punkie Johnson, Ego Nwodim, and Cecily Strong all talking about the idea of cuffing season and what it means.

“Cuffing season” is the time of year when winter comes and people get into relationships just because it is cold outside, and they want someone to cuddle with and keep them warm. That means that they might not necessarily be in a lasting relationship but at least one that will get them through the winter months. Perhaps this new song that SZA sings throughout the sketch will be the theme of cuffing season from now on.


The new sketch reminds us that cuffing season is here, but Palmer, Johnson, Nwodim, Strong, and Sza don’t want just any man for the winter. Especially not small guys with nice cups of hot cocoa in their hands. No, they want the big boys to come and keep them warm and carry in their groceries in just one trip.

Sza in SNL big boys Sketch
Image via NBC

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Beyond having a catchy song which is easily among the best songs from the show in recent times, the sketch also pokes fun at MCU star, Chris Pratt. At one point during the sketch, SZA is seen looking at a picture of Pratt in The Guardians of the Galaxy and shakes her head before replacing the poster with one of Pratt as Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation from when he was less ripped.

The sketch shines particularly for posing a very relatable question — why worry about being cold all winter long when you can instead get a big boy to keep you warm? The end of the sketch features Kenan Thompson coming out to say that these “bears” don’t hibernate in the winter and that you can easily find a big boy shoveling snow in shorts.

SZA singing about big boys while the cast of Saturday Night Live and Palmer rap about their love of big boys for cuffing season is certainly an interesting addition to the holiday season I did not know I needed. I’ll definitely be singing this one for a while. Check out the new sketch below:

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