John Wick Was Originally A 75-Year-Old Man Before Keanu Reeves Got The Role

While it would definitely be interesting to see an older, retired assassin diving back into action after he is pushed too far, what Reeves has done with John Wick is nothing short of phenomenal. So much so that the “John Wick” franchise is still evolving, having spurring two more installments, with a fourth being on the way (along with a prequel series). The reason for the franchise’s immense popularity can be traced back to the heart-thumping action sequences and gun-fu fights, and the stylish fight choreography alone makes the films worth watching.

However, it is Reeves’ portrayal of Wick that allows for his story to bloom and take off in such a convincing fashion. Wick is a hardened, stoic man, who gave up his job as an assassin in favor of a peaceful life with the woman he loves. After losing her, he only has his dog Daisy to dote on, and even she is taken away from him in a rather cruel manner. While very much an antihero in many ways, John Wick as a character always warrants empathy, and his trajectory is extremely badass and heartrending at the same time, which is why it works so well.

Reeves is set to return in “John Wick: Chapter 4,” and we expect more death-defying, extremely cool looking stunts in the upcoming movie, which is expected to release on March 24, 2023.

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