Insidious and Sinister Crossover Movie Gets Update From Jason Blum

In a recent interview with Cinepop, Blumhouse founder Jason Blum finally shared an update on the Insidious and Sinister crossover movie, which was first teased back in 2018. As of now, though, horror fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

“I think it would be fun, but we need to find the right story,” Blum said. “We developed it for a while, like you said, you’re right, we developed it for a while, but we could never think of a big movie. And I didn’t want to do one movie just to combine the two franchises. I wanted to make a movie that felt really good. We never had a great idea, but I’m up for it.”

What’s Next for the Insidious Franchise?

At the time of writing, Blumhouse hasn’t made any announcements about the future of its Sinister film franchise. Meanwhile, the company is currently producing two Insidious projects including Patrick Wilson’s upcoming Insidious: The Red Door and a spin-off Thread: An Insidious Tale.

Set to arrive in theaters on July 7, Insidious: The Red Door serves as the fifth installment to the blockbuster horror franchise. It features the return of Patrick Wilson, Ty Simpkins, and Rose Byrne. The new film will see the story pick up a decade after the events of Chapter 2, with Dalton heading off to college and coming to grips with his astral projection abilities.

Thread will be directed and written by Moon Knight creator Jeremy Slater, with James Wan serving as a producer through his Atomic Monster banner. The horror spin-off will feature Kumail Nanjiani and Mandy Moore as a married couple, “who enlist the help of a spell to travel back in time, such that they can prevent the death of their young daughter. The consequences, of course, prove to be severe.”

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