How To Buy & Where to Pre-Order

One of the movie’s biggest highlights was Weird Barbie, the guiding hand that helped Stereotypical Barbie on her journey of discovery. Now, fans want to buy the Weird Barbie doll in real life. Here’s how to buy it and where to pre-order the doll inspired by Kate McKinnon’s character.

How to buy the Weird Barbie doll

To buy the Weird Barbie doll, fans will need to visit the Mattel Creations online store.

The Mattel Creations online store can be accessed through this link by copying and pasting the following text into your browser’s address bar: “”.

At the time of writing, the doll has an updated release date of “on or before May 31, 2024.”

Where to pre-order the Weird Barbie doll

Mattel Creations is currently the only store where you can pre-order the Weird Barbie doll.

Once pre-ordered, buyers will likely have a while to wait, as the website warns that the doll will ship “on or before May 31, 2024.” If you’re buying this for a child’s Christmas, birthday, or other gift, you might want to take this date into heavy consideration before buying.

What is the Weird Barbie doll price?

The Weird Barbie doll is priced at $50 in the U.S. and £49 in the U.K.

Listed as a “Creations Exclusive,” the Weird Barbie doll includes a “made to move” body type — yes, it can indeed be made to do the splits — and includes a certificate of authenticity.

The product’s official description reads:

“If anyone knows anything about keeping it weird, it’s Weird Barbie, a breakout character from Barbie The Movie. Our doll version wears an outfit inspired by one you’ll see in the feature film, a bright pink dress with colorful artwork and puffy sleeves, and green snakeskin boots. She also features short tousled hair and markings on her face to emulate a doll that’s been played with just a little too much.”

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