Here’s The Joke Chris Pine And The Directors Had To Fight To Keep In Dungeons & Dragons [Exclusive]

In his review of “Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves,” our own Jacob Hall argues the movie comes across as the handiwork of “two talented filmmakers [who] were allowed to go nuts and craft a fantasy adventure honed to reflect their very specific senses of humor and character.” Indeed, the film feels like sitting at a table and playing a session in a world imagined by directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein (“Game Night”), complete with its own personal, idiosyncratic tone. The result is hilarious, with jokes and gags that it’s hard to believe made it to the movie at all, particularly everything related to Regé-Jean Page and his character Xenk.

Speaking in an interview with /Film’s Bill Bria, “Honor Among Thieves” star Chris Pine says his favorite joke not only involves Xenk, it nearly didn’t make the final cut:

“I don’t think anything was cut, quite honestly. I have to ask John and Jonathan about that. What I can say to that is one of the things they had to fight for, and what I was prepared to pick up my phone and call the studio about, is I don’t think they wanted this moment when Xenk — who was played by Regé, who does an incredible job and who’s so funny in this — leaves [the group] and walks in a straight line over a rock. And John, Jonathan, myself, we love this bit of straight line Xenk, which I think in some iterations had been cut. But thank god, it was put back in and remains one of my favorite [moments]. Really, it’s, just for me, makes me giggle.”

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