Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Gets 5-Pack Funko Pop Set

The ‘Holiday Special’ premieres on Disney+ November 25.

While all Marvel Fans’ eyes are rightfully on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever this weekend, the MCU is officially closing out 2022 with The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special. The kooky Christmas themed celebration hits Disney+ on November 25 which means Funko Pops for the special will be under fans’ Christmas trees this December. While Funko announced their initial line of Pops for the special back in October, everyone’s favorite vinyl figure maker has announced an Amazon Exclusive 5-pack featuring the entire main team of Guardians.

The 5-pack features the four previously announced figures of Star-Lord, Drax, Mantis, and Groot all in festive themed outfits. Star-Lord is wearing a Santa hat and holding a present, Drax is wearing a green ugly Christmas sweater and holding an elf toy, Mantis is wearing a Christmas tree headband and green ugly Christmas sweater while holding a giant candy cane, and Groot is wearing a reindeer antler headband while holding a long present. However, the new Pop featured in this jolly pack is Rocket Raccoon. The character is wearing his classic orange and blue jumpsuit, but he’s getting in the holiday spirit by putting decorations up. Mainly Christmas garland and ornaments.


The trailer for the Holiday Special released just a few weeks back teasing the hilarious plot of Drax and Mantis helping Star-Lord deal with the loss of Gamora by going to Earth to get him a Christmas present. A present that humorously involves kidnapping actor Kevin Bacon. Only the brilliant mind of James Gunn could think of a bizarrely charming set up like that. Fingers crossed that fans will get a Christmas themed Bacon Pop in the near future, but this 5-pack is the perfect item for any MCU die hard. Seeing our main core of Guardians all dazzled up for Christmas is such a gingerbread soaked treat, especially in the Funko style. This exclusive is also the best way to get the whole line in one package as it appears Rocket will not be sold separately.

Image via Funko

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The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Funko Pop 5-pack is up for pre-order now on Amazon’s website for $59.99. The pack is releasing on November 29. The Holiday Special itself is premiering on Disney+ November 25. This special is also noteworthy of being the penultimate story before this version of the Guardians end their run in Vol. 3 next May. While we wait for this joyful tale and the bittersweet end, you can view the trailer for this Marvel Christmas misadventure down below.

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