Green Arrow Finally Beats One of the DC Universe’s Greatest Villains (Again)


  • Green Arrow defeats Parallax in an intense fistfight, proving his worth as a formidable superhero.
  • Parallax, a corrupted form of Green Lantern Hal Jordan, tries to keep Oliver away from his family to prevent disaster.
  • Green Arrow’s victory against Parallax improves on his last match, where he had assistance, showing his strength and determination.



Warning! Contains spoilers for Green Arrow #4!In a rematch for the ages, Green Arrow proves his worth by getting into a bare-knuckle brawl with one of the most fearsome villains in the DC Universe.

In Green Arrow #4 by Joshua Williamson and Sean Izaakse, Oliver Queen has come face-to-face with Parallax, Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s corrupted villainous form. Thankfully, it’s not really Oliver’s friend, just a variant that’s been hiding in the future. The villain tells Green Arrow that he has, or will at some point, ask for some of Parallax’s temporal abilities to keep Oliver away from his family to prevent a disaster from occurring.

Green Arrow and Parallax Talk DC

Green Arrow gets fed up with his pal’s twisted doppelganger after Parallax shows Oliver a destroyed Star City to remind him of the bargain he struck. Oliver challenges Parallax to a fistfight for Green Arrow’s freedom. Intrigued at the idea, Parallax removes his Power Ring and Oliver lays down his bow and arrows. Queen proceeds to soundly kick Parallax’s ass, landing several punches on the villain and throwing him through several windows. Oliver even hits his enemy with a fork, throwing Parallax off his game just enough to easily make Oliver the winner of their fight.

Green Arrow Just Beat Parallax in a Fistfight

Green Arrow Challenges Parallax DC

Green Arrow has been all over time and space during his latest adventure. After Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Oliver was separated from the Justice League. His family began a search and rescue mission to reassemble Team Arrow by any means necessary. Unfortunately, Green Arrow discovered a future message from himself that warned a ‘great disaster’ would occur if Queen ever reunited with his family. And to make things worse, Oliver is, at some point, going to make a deal with the devil by asking Parallax to help keep Queen’s family separated.

Speaking of Green Lantern’s evil alter ego, this isn’t the first time he’s been defeated by the Emerald Archer. During Zero Hour, Oliver was forced to face his version of Jordan when Parallax was attempting to remake reality to his desires. With Green Lantern Kyle Rayner restraining the fallen hero, Green Arrow hit Hal in the chest with an arrow dead center, defeating the villain. As impressive as that was, Queen has just improved on that feat by fighting Parallax all on his own and managing to beat him with just his fists. Green Arrow has some notable feats to his name, but this may be one of his best.

Green Arrow’s Latest Victory Improves on His Last Match with Parallax

Green Arrow Throws Fork DC

The last time Green Arrow fought Parallax, he was aided by Kyle Rayner. While it’s still impressive Queen took the villain down with a bow and arrow, it was a team effort that defeated the evil Jordan. Here, Oliver had no assistance from other heroes. Just his hands and an intense determination to go home. Oliver might not get the most respect out of all the heroes on the Justice League. But Green Arrow beat Parallax all on his own and if that’s not worth praising, then nothing is. Green Arrow #4 is on sale now.

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