Everything We Know About the Killer Sloth Movie

There’s no shortage of horror movies with premises so bizarre that you just have to watch them. Horror comedies are on the rise, becoming increasingly popular in the ever-growing community of horror fanatics. Just in the past year, we’ve been graced with the cinematic masterpiece known as Cocaine Bear as well as the dark re-imagining of once-familiar and friendly childhood characters in Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey. Another popular children’s character that joined the public domain and has been turned into an even more villainous version, is the Grinch. Coming to VOD this October will be The Mean One, a slasher-fied version of the Dr. Seuss Christmas tale.

After its first foray into the world of horror in 2022 with horror-comedy All Eyes, Gravitas Ventures has decided to continue down that path with its latest horror-comedy, Slotherhouse. No, that’s not a typo. The movie is one of many in the popular “killer animal” sub-genre, from Zombeavers to Sharknado, Slotherhouse is gearing up to become the first killer animal flick where the animal in question has a top ground speed of 6–8 feet per minute. However, when swinging through the tropical canopies, they can move much faster at the blistering rate of up to 15 feet per minute. To put this into perspective, the supposed “killer” animal’s top speed is still approximately 5 times slower than a drifting iceberg.

If you haven’t already figured out what kind

(Disclaimer: In the time it takes you to read this article, a certain killer sloth might have already crept at least a few feet closer to your location).

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When and Where Can You Watch Slotherhouse?

A sloth driving a car in Slotherhouse
Image via Gravitas Pictures

Slotherhouse will have its theatrical debut on August 30, showing in only a few select theaters throughout the country. As the release date draws closer, check with your local theaters to see if they will be screening the horror comedy. If there are no theaters near you, fear not. Slotherhouse will likely have a digital release sometime in late September, just in time for Halloween.

Where Can You Watch the Trailer?

You can watch the trailer right here. Gravitas Ventures released the official trailer on YouTube on August 2, 2023, revealing the homicidal sloth, Alpha, and her future victims. In the trailer, you can see that Alpha is seemingly highly intelligent, scrolling through social media posts on one of the sorority sisters’ laptop. Is it something in the post that drives Alpha to snap and go on a killing spree? Only precious time will tell. You can watch the trailer below.

What Is Slotherhouse About?

A sloth smirking in Slotherhouse
Image via Gravitas Pictures

Slotherhouse centers around college senior Emily Young, who is willing to do anything it takes to become elected as the president of her sorority. Instead of the usual promotional gimmicks that one might expect for such a high-stakes campaign, such as customized t-shirts or buttons, she somehow finds herself in the position to adopt a wild sloth to use as her mascot. With the help of a man with questionable morals, she welcomes the sloth into her sorority house and names her “Alpha.” What better name for a new pet during Greek Week?

Things seemingly start off fine, with Alpha getting loads of attention and influencer-level photo shoots from the other girls in the sorority, but Alpha likes to take her time before showing her true killer nature. One by one, she starts to attack and kill the sorority sisters of Sigma Lambda Theta. As the bodies begin to pile up, Emily has to figure out why Alpha has suddenly turned violent and how she can stop her from killing again.

The film’s official synopsis reads:

It’s senior year of college for sorority sister Emily Young and for the first time ever, Sigma Lambda Theta is having elections for who will be president. Wanting to have a killer year, Emily Young realizes she might just be the best option for her sorority. While beginning her campaign, she finds an adorable sloth that steals her heart and soon realizes she just might steal the hearts, and votes, of her sorority sisters. But when bodies slowly begin to pile up in the Sigma Lambda Theta house, Emily and her sorority sisters realize the deaths are being caused by their new house mascot, the cuddly sloth Alpha. Will Emily and her sisters escape the house with their lives? Or is this death-sloth with 3 razor sharp claws too quick for them?

Who Is in the Cast of Slotherhouse?

Lisa Ambalavanar in Slotherhouse
Image via Gravitas Pictures

The role of the main character Emily Young is played by Lisa Ambalavanar. The English actress is best known for her recent performances in DC’s Titans, The A List, and Doctors. Oliver, the man who appears to be the one who supplies Emily with the death sloth, is played by Stefan Kapicic. He is known best for his voice as Colossus in Deadpool and Deadpool 2, and will be reprising the role for the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie. He will also be appearing in the latest vampire film, coming out on August 11, The Last Voyage of the Demeter.

Additionally, joining the cast as Emily’s sorority sisters are Sydney Craven (Jeepers Creepers: Reborn), Olivia Rouyer (High School), Tiana Upcheva (The Ark), Grace Patterson (What’s My Name Again?), Kelly Lynn Reiter (Mojave Diamonds), and Sutter Nolan (Deer in the Headlights). Screenwriter Bradley Fowler will also make a small cameo in the film, as one of the paramedics.

What Other Killer Animal Movies Can You Watch While You Wait for the Slotherhouse Release?

Cocaine Bear Keri Russell Cocaine Bear
Image via Universal Pictures

Cocaine Bear (2023) – Directed by Elizabeth Banks, this action horror-comedy is inspired by true events and follows the path of destruction left behind after a large black bear finds and consumes egregious amounts of cocaine before violently attacking members of a rural town. Keri Russell, Alden Ehrenreich, O’Shea Jackson Jr, and the late Ray Liotta star in the film.

Zombeavers (2014) – The 2014 hidden gem, Zombeavers leans heavily on the “mutated killer animal” trope and centers around a group of college students who have rented a remote riverside cabin to relax and reconnect with nature. They reconnect for sure… Unbeknownst to them, before their arrival, a truck carrying barrels of toxic waste struck a deer, knocking one of the barrels into the river where it was swept downstream. The barrel comes to a stop when it smashes against a beaver dam, causing the beavers to mutate and become extremely aggressive.

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