Every Main Character In Shazam! Fury Of The Gods, Ranked

The DCEU is known for post-credits scenes that go nowhere, with the most egregious (and recent example) being Henry Cavill’s surprise return in “Black Adam.” Cavill was released from his “Man of Steel” duties mere months later. So with these cameos, it feels like watching the cliffhanger season finale of a show that we’re pretty sure is getting canceled. 

Let’s start with the biggest reveal, ruined by a frickin’ TV spot. After Billy sacrifices himself to defeat Kalypso, his family buries him in the Gods’ Realm. Before tears can well up, a familiar theme blasts at ear-bleeding levels as Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman struts in to promptly resurrect him. It’s meant to be a moment where fans lose their minds, but instead, it seems more like a death whimper for a beloved character. 

The mid-credits scene brings in “Peacemaker” alumni Emilia Harcourt (Jennifer Holland) and Josh Economos (Steve Agee) to recruit Shazam. He enthusiastically agrees, thinking they want him to join the Justice League. There’s funny banter about how confusing it is having two teams with “Justice” in the name, but since this feels like a “Black Adam” tie-in, another possibly dead DCEU venture, should we be excited?

The post-credits scene finds Dr. Sivana (Mark Strong) in his hieroglyphics-covered jail cell when Mister Mind, the hyper-intelligent caterpillar, returns. Sivana complains about how long he’s been waiting. Mister Mind says he must do one more thing before revealing his vague plan and slithers off. It’s a fun way to set up more misadventures with this creepy caterpillar or a knowing nod to the complete uncertainty the audience feels watching most DC movies. 

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