Every Main Character In Hulu’s Hellraiser Ranked Worst To Best

In David Bruckner’s film, Jamie Clayton (“Sense8”) takes on the mantle of Pinhead, giving the lead Cenobite a hypnotic, sexy, and disturbing vibe. “Hellraiser” franchise star Doug Bradley took to Twitter to share his pleasure with Clayton’s reimagining of the same character he portrayed for years, stating, “It’s simple, subtle, disturbing and sexy. Everything it should be.”

What’s so refreshing about this character — besides Pinhead dripping in much-needed feminine erotica — is how calculated each move feels on screen. Clayton’s Pinhead feels like she’s everywhere at once, living in the shadows and ready to strike when the timing works best for her. Interestingly, she’s a bargained, something past “Hellraiser” films largely avoided. Bradley’s Pinhead is known for being immovable, hard to please, and determined to make the Cenobites win at all costs. 

Clayton’s Pinhead with pearl-like pins in her head desires intrigue. She’s interested in humans but in a chilling and clinical way, observing the choices beings like Riley make and loving the inevitable consequences that befall humanity, such as regret, death, and sorrow. Although Riley is the film’s main character, it’s truly Pinhead who steals the show, joining the ranks of horror’s beloved slasher villains like Freddy, Jason, and Michael Myers. None would stand a chance against her!

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