Emma Caulfield Ford On Returning To Anya In Slayers: A Buffyverse Story


  • Slayers: A Buffyverse Story takes place 10 years after the conclusion of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, with new Slayers causing trouble for the bad guys.
  • Spike is working undercover in Los Angeles with Clem when he encounters a rookie Slayer who wants Spike as her mentor.
  • The series reunites beloved characters from the Buffyverse, including Giles, Anya, and Tara, in a reality where paths have changed and not everything is as Spike remembers it.



Slayers: A Buffyverse takes place in 2013, ten years after the epic conclusion of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which activated powers in every potential Slayer. This has led to tough times for the bad guys, especially with Spike working undercover with his old friend Clem in Los Angeles. While there, he runs across a rookie Slayer who longs for Spike to be her mentor, much to his chagrin. However, things get even more bizarre when Cordelia Chase appears, dropping in from a different reality in which she is the slayer and the potentially world-ending danger is Spike’s ex, Drusilla. Many other fan favorites, including Giles, Anya, and Tara, return, but with people’s paths changing based on the reality they are in, all may not be as Spike remembers.

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story is written by Amber Benson, original cast member of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Christopher Golden. Golden and Benson also directed the episode, along with Kc Wayland. Slayers: A Buffyverse Story stars James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Anthony Head, Juliet Landau, Emma Caulfield Ford, Amber Benson, James Charles Leary, Danny Strong, and Laya DeLeon Hayes. This series will not only bring back beloved characters from the Buffyverse but also reunite iconic actors for the first time in two decades.

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Screen Rant spoke with Emma Caulfield about the new Audible series Slayers: A Buffyverse Story. She discussed the recording process and being able to play with actors she hadn’t interacted with in Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Caulfield also teased how Anya and Anyaka are back in Slayers: A Buffyverse Story and teases a mysterious third character. This piece was written during the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, and the union has shared very clear guidelines that audiobooks and podcasts are not impacted by the strike.

Emma Caulfield Talks Slayers: A Buffyverse Story

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story Audible Cover Art

Screen Rant: I love Slayers. It’s so engaging, and you are fantastic in it.

Emma Caulfield: Stop. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

I did want to start with the question that I’m sure everyone is thinking: You’re back. How are you back?

Emma Caulfield: Well, alternate universes, baby. So, there’s different universes. So what could happen when universes collide, honestly, and the interesting dynamic that happens when a character that comes from the original universe coincides with one from another. We’re just working with different dimensions. Slightly different versions of people and love along with the original versions of people you know and love. It’s interesting. It’s fun.

It’s definitely fun. Can you talk about stepping back into the shoes of both Anya and Anyanka with Slayers?

Emma Caulfield: There’s a lot to Anya in this world that is really fresh and exciting while staying true to a lot of the characteristics that made her lovable.

Yeah, I definitely agree. Were you guys able to explore new dynamics with this version of Anya interacting with characters like Cordelia?

Emma Caulfield: Oh yeah, of course. Oh my gosh. That was part of the allure as well and Amber’s initial pitch was I never got to really work with Charisma. I mean, one episode. I think the characters were in another one, but I don’t think they really ever interacted and so being able to have Anya interact with Cordelia? Amazing, and so wild to be able to have Anya interact with Drusilla? Juliet is an absolute genius. Absolute genius.

I would literally get lost, be like she’s doing her thing, doing her thing, and I know that I have to speak at some point, but I was like, oh my God, you are so good. And I’d be like, oh my line. Where are we on the pages? Okay. Right, right. Be Anya or be Anyanka or be this other thing that I also am. So it’s incredible. It was an honor. So people just have to listen to it and hear the awesomeness for themselves.

It sounds like you guys were actually able to record together versus separately.

Emma Caulfield: We were all together always. We were all in one room. Yeah, with our own setups, everything, the pages, and being able to go, okay, we’re going to actually jump from episode one to episode seven right now. We’re going to pick, we’re going to go back. There was that. And then having people helming this thing who are awesome, including my friend Amber. Able to keep track of like, okay, remember, so thematically this is what’s happened.

And it’s like, do you want to hear something back real quick? Do you remember how? We’re like, yeah, yeah, yeah. Can I just hear that one line that was like that? Okay, great, great, great. So then that’s a pickup from, you could pick up something from one episode four days later. I’m like, what did I do?

I don’t even remember. Like, okay, that’s how it sounded. Okay, great. I’m back in the zone. I’m back in the zone. We were all there. There’s video that they’ve released of all of us in the room with our headphones and the mics, and Tony was on a huge video screen live with us from England in his own sound booth or sound booth down there or over there across the pond. So we were all able to see each other and interact with each other in real time, and it was amazing. It was like, yeah, it was just incredible.

Did that allow you guys to incorporate maybe some more improv because you were interacting immediately with each other and not kind of going off of what you assumed people were doing?

Emma Caulfield: We never improved. We just were right on the page. Yeah. I mean, I’m saying that as pure fact if we did improv at all, I don’t remember. I feel like because so much is so structured to the sound and the cues that you really need to stay on point. I would say that that’s the sort of third version of me that, I mean that came literally on the fly. That wasn’t going to be like that at all.

And I just had an idea for how to do it. I thought, can I just try it like this? And then that’s what we kept. That’s how it ended up being, which proved exhilarating and exhausting for me at the same time, going from all of them at once, back and forth. I don’t know, I’ve got multiple personality disorder.

So in that sense, there was always room for, hey, I have an idea about how to do this, or, well, this particular line is just reading a bit wrong. It’s landing wrong for me. It’s like, okay, how can we just alter that a little bit? It wasn’t like, you must say it exactly like how it is on the page.

Sometimes when you’re in the flow and you’re doing it and it sounds so different from what is on the page, you’re like, oh. I think we’ve said that word too many times. Or, oh, I feel like we need to say this a bit differently or move that line around or something. So it’s not technically improv, but there was a flow, organic flow always.

About Slayers A Buffyverse Story

Slayers: A Buffyverse Story Cast

With new Slayers constantly emerging, things are looking grim for the bad guys. Rebellious vampire Spike (James Marsters) is working undercover in Los Angeles with his old pal Clem (James Charles Leary) when he meets feisty, rookie Slayer, Indira (Laya DeLeon Hayes), who wants Spike to be her mentor.

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All 9 episodes of Slayers: A Buffyverse Story are available now on Audible.

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