Emily & Kobe Story Ending Spoiler Discussed By Fans

Kobe Blaise and Emily Bieberly are getting married on 90 Day Fiancé episode 17. Fans find a spoiler about what happens to them after the wedding.

A major spoiler about Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise and their life after 90 Day Fiancé season 9 was discovered and discussed by fans ahead of the finale. TLC viewers know Emily from the most recent season of the show, which is soon about to end. While the latest season was a bore according to fans, catching up with Emily’s storyline with Kobe gave them a lot to discuss about the future of their relationship. Emily and Kobe had both met in China, where she worked as an English teacher and he was an underwear model. A casual meeting turned into something serious, leading to a quick engagement and a baby for Emily and Kobe.


In 90 Day Fiancé season 9, Emily began to narrate the story of how she and Kobe got married despite all the bumps in their way. Kobe’s visitor’s visa was declined and when he applied for K-1, it was delayed due to the pandemic. Kobe only got to meet his and Emily’s son Koban when the child turned 17 months old. He noticed Emily ridiculing him on various occasions and was left feeling unwanted by his own wife-to-be. Emily didn’t even trust Kobe to propose to her and bought her own engagement ring. While knowing Kobe wouldn’t be able to work for a while in the U.S. Emily made her father David Bieberly look after her and the baby. David, who was going to be paying for Emily and Kobe’s wedding, had serious concerns about his future son-in-law. He was “disturbed” by Emily and Kobe’s arguments and called Kobe “crazy” for offering to take over his architecture firm in Kansas.

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That’s not gonna happen. It’s just not. He’s out of his mind,” Emily’s father had commented upon hearing Kobe’s plans. But as Reddit user u/Catpurrtector pointed out, in an unexpected turn of events Kobe and Emily’s dad have now seemingly become friends. Emily herself shared a post from Kobe on Instagram showing a photo of him and David. “The best dads,” Emily wrote with a face holding back tears emoji. In Kobe’s own caption, he thanked Emily’s dad for letting him into his home without even knowing Kobe and for “believing that love can make a man travel the world just to be with that one person who makes him happy.” Kobe called David a “clear example” of what a father-in-law should be while noting how much he’s been inspired by the architect. Kobe joked about how David was supportive of him and Emily even though they broke the one rule that the couple shouldn’t get pregnant again.

Meanwhile, fans are surprised at how Kobe and Emily’s dad are now friends. However, they are also happy that Kobe has someone by his side who stands up to “bossy” and “vile” Emily. They feel Kobe and David are bonding over how “awful” Emily is. Someone pointed out how David is smiling for the first time in a long while. They feel David might have realized how much Kobe really cares for him and respects him after watching every episode of season 9. But on the other hand, a fan named Resident-Landscape35 commented, “It’s fake ppl, a soap with real cheap acting.”

Many fans do believe that Kobe and David were never enemies to begin with. They feel that tensions between them on 90 Day Fiancé were scripted for fans to believe it was real. Even though it looked like Kobe would leave Emily, and recently even hinted at a split via an Instagram post, the couple is still very much together as proved by Emily’s story. In the end, what matters is that Emily and Kobe did get a happy ending, even if fans predicted it wasn’t ever going to happen.

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