Elden Ring’s Patches Build Is The Ultimate PvP Troll

A tricky Elden Ring player has recreated FromSoftware’s notorious trickster, Patches, and faithfully trolled other players in the game’s PvP mode.

An Elden Ring player has become the infamous Soulsborne prankster Patches in a hilarious video demonstrating that even the game’s PvP mode isn’t safe from the trickster. The latest FromSoftware game includes a multiplayer mode that, like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, allows players to work together or battle each other. One player has utilized that feature to pay homage to Patches, one of Elden Ring‘s most unique NPCs.

An unfortunate Elden Ring player recently encountered another in the PvP mode who faithfully recreated the game’s NPC character, Patches. Like the notorious scoundrel he is in the games, the Patches player enticed the invading player with riches before pushing them off a wall to their death. The video of the prank was posted on Reddit by user imisstheblundergat, as reported by Game Rant. The game’s multiplayer allows players to invade the worlds of others, but the sense of humor found in the Souls community means players won’t always encounter the epic duels they expect when joining another player’s world, even in Elden Ring‘s best PvP duel locations.


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Not All Elden Ring Patches Can Be Trusted

The multiplayer version of Patches entices enemy players with shiny glowstones and a pile of mysterious loot conspicuously placed on top of a fatally tall ledge. Some players may be familiar with the Patches bit and play along for the sake of the joke. For others, the trick works well because players have been known to share and gift items to each other in Elden Ring‘s multiplayer modes. Players unaware of the gag are pushed to their deaths and sent back to their world after the seemingly friendly bald man’s successful ruse.

Many players who have spent a significant amount of time in any Soulsborne game should be able to appreciate the subtle humor that fills the apocalyptic game worlds. Some mods add extra humor to the game, like the One Piece mod that transforms Elden Ring bosses into popular and powerful characters from the beloved series. Even without mods, the game world and the writing of the characters successfully immerse players in a world whose humor is as dark as its predecessors.

Mods have also made Elden Ring‘s co-op and multiplayer less restrictive, allowing players to explore more of the game’s secrets together. Rumors suggest that more multiplayer components like PvP arenas and new weapons could be coming to the game before too long. The recent delay of the second volume of the Elden Ring strategy guide suggests DLC could be coming as soon as the first half of 2023. However, players will likely not be safe from Patches’ tricks in whatever new content arrives in Elden Ring.

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Source: imisstheblundergat/Reddit (via Game Rant)

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