Does Barbie Pascual Get Fired?


  • Barbie’s clash with her fellow stewardess, Cat, is causing tension and feuding.
  • Barbie’s bad attitude and belief that she knows best in every situation is causing problems.
  • Barbie’s tendency to talk back to her boss, Fraser, is inappropriate and rubbing viewers the wrong way.



Below Deck season 11 introduced stewardess Barbie Pascual to the franchise, but many are already wondering if she could be fired from the St. David for her behavior. While Barbie is an experienced stew and has been successful in working with Chief Steward Fraser Olender’s leadership, there have been some issues in the way she’s working with the other Stews aboard the St. David. Barbie, who’s not new to the superyacht lifestyle, has a great work ethic and clearly cares about the success of the charters, but has a way she likes to get things done that clashes with others.

While Barbie is clearly one of the more seasoned members of the St. David’s crew, the Below Deck season 11 newcomer has been struggling to find her place on the first charter. For Barbie, who is outspoken and knows how she wants to conduct herself during her time working on the St. David, failure isn’t an option. In her work with her fellow stewardesses, Cat Baugh and Xandi Olivier, it’s clear that Barbie is struggling to communicate that she has a way she’d like to do things. Instead, she’s taking her frustrations out in ways that could hurt her career.


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Barbie Is Already Feuding With Cat

Barbie has only been on the St. David for a short time, but her attitude has already gotten her into an issue with her fellow stewardess Cat. Barbie and Cat’s personalities don’t seem to mix well, especially moving into Below Deck season 11 episode 2. After a rough first shift together, Barbie’s pressure on Cat caused the stew to break down in tears. Unfazed by her colleague’s emotional breakdown, Barbie was even more annoyed by the fact that Cat was questioning her on the second day of the charter. The women appear to be feuding, even if it’s minimally.

She Has A Bad Attitude

Below Deck season 11 star Barbie Pascual holding a glass

Barbie’s attitude hasn’t been pleasant to watch on Below Deck season 11 so far. Despite having a good work ethic, she appears to believe she knows exactly what to do in every situation. While Barbie’s instincts are good, there’s no way she can be entirely effective on the St. David with only a day’s time on the yacht. Barbie also displayed her bad attitude when gossiping about Cat with Ben Willoughby, who told her Cat was talking about her behind her back. Rather than confronting the situation, Barbie took Cat’s words harshly and made it clear she wasn’t happy.

Barbie Talks Back To Fraser

Below Deck season 11 star Barbie Pascual

Throughout her first charter, Barbie has been openly talking back to her boss, Fraser. While Barbie clearly has experience and is working from a place of understanding how to do her job rather than having to learn as she goes, talking back to Fraser is inappropriate. Rather than asking questions or trying to frame her ideas more productively, Barbie has shown during her time on Below Deck that she’s looking out for herself. Rather than taking Fraser’s criticism, she’s trying to prove she knows what she’s doing on her own, which is rubbing viewers the wrong way.

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