Deleted Scenes In IT That Change Everything

Stephen King fans have had an embarrassment of riches over the past few years. In the last decade, adaptations of “Doctor Sleep,” “Gerald’s Game,” “1922,” “11.22.63,” “In the Tall Grass,” “The Outsider,” and “Lisey’s Story” have lived up to their source material. As many King fans know, many of his novels, novellas, and short stories take place within the same fictional universe. The multiverse that extends from “The Dark Tower” series connects many seemingly standalone stories.

One of the key figures in King’s multiverse is a turtle named Maturin. In the original “IT” novel, Bill travels into a “macroverse” where he encounters Maturin. Maturin and the IT entity are both powerful shape-shifting beings. While Maturin created the universe through his benevolence, IT attempts to create chaos and disorder. Maturin teaches Bill how to perform a secret ritual that will allow him to defeat IT.

Andy Muschietti revealed in an interview with Total Film that a flashback sequence in “IT Chapter Two” featuring the turtle was shot but removed from the final edit. He said that the scene expanded a moment from the first film in which the members of the “Losers’ Club” are all swimming together. He said that there “was a moment when we revisited that scene, with them swimming underwater, and then comes the turtle.” Given that both the Marvel and DC franchises have introduced multiverse storylines, isn’t it about time we get the King macroverse?

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