Death Stranding Potentially Teased For Xbox Game Pass

An image on the official PC Game Pass Twitter makes it look like Death Stranding might be the next game to be included on Xbox Game Pass’ service.

An image on the official PC Game Pass Twitter makes it look like Death Stranding might be next game to be included in the subscription service. Xbox Game Pass is a paid subscription service that allows players to play hundreds of games for one monthly price. Most of the newest Xbox Studios releases join the platform right away, but lots of the titles found on the service are already existing games like August’s Xbox Game Pass titles Immortals Fenyx Rising.


Xbox Game Pass has been a favorite subscription service amongst fans as it gives players the chance to try out games they might not have otherwise played. Available for use across Xbox consoles, and PC, players can play as many games a month as they so choose, instead of paying $60 for one single game. This also includes heavy-hitting titles like Halo and Gears of War and smaller indie titles like Little Witch in the Woods and My Time At Portia. There is no limit to how many games a player can download or play. Though not every title is available on Xbox Game Pass, like Stray or Resident Evil Village, the number of games already available can keep players busy for quite some time.

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As reported by GameSpot, the official PC Game Pass Twitter recently changed its profile picture to an image that looks like a screenshot from Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding with the words “PC Game Pass” written over it. The picture is a black rock with grass surrounding it and a gray dreary sky. One of the most iconic things about Death Stranding is its setting, so fans were quick to notice how similar this looked to an area in the landscape of the game. One Twitter user even found the exact spot in their game to match the background. PC Game Pass‘ Twitter responded to the rumors by posting their own tweet stating “sometimes we just like a good landscape picture #NewProfilePic” and then said nothing more.

Death Stranding on Xbox Game Pass

Death Stranding just recently came to PC after being PlayStation exclusive for almost three years and many fans were able to play the game for the first time because of this. Releasing it on Game Pass PC would be a chance for even more players to get their hands on the acclaimed title. There is no official confirmation that it will actually be coming to the subscription service, but it does appear that many people would be excited for that option.

Regardless of whether or not Death Stranding will be the newest Xbox Game Pass title, fans still have the opportunity to play hundreds of other titles while they wait. With games like Ghost Recon and Two Point Hospital, the variety of options on the subscription service is enough to keep any fan happy. It is also a way for players to explore other titles they might not normally play and for them to experience something completely new.

Source: PC Game Pass/Twitter (via GameSpot)

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