Charlie Cox Shares When MCU Reboot Will Film

The Man Without Fear will become the Man Without Sleep.

Disney+’s Daredevil: Born Again will shoot for almost a year, reveals the Man Without Fear himself, Charlie Cox. Cox also discussed the show’s unprecedented 18-episode order, pondering what this could mean for the series structure during an interview with NME.

Cox first played the blind vigilante Matt Murdock in Netflix’s Daredevil, a Marvel Television show initially planned to fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, over the years, the series created by Marvel Television for Netflix became increasingly decoupled from the MCU until the division was completely shut down and Marvel Studios took over the production of TV shows for Disney+. While that means every new film and TV show is developed under the same roof and tells a single cohesive story, it also puts fan-favorite shows such as Daredevil into limbo. That’s because, nowadays, no one can tell for sure if those characters still exist in the MCU.


Thanks to the introduction of the Multiverse Concept in Phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel Studios has been bringing back stars that were part of previous iterations of Marvel stories. One of these actors is Cox, who had a cameo as Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home and recently showed up in an episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Cox’s MCU resurgence was so well-received by fans that Marvel Studios didn’t take long to announce Daredevil: Born Again, a new show centered on the character.

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While no previous Marvel Studios series has gotten more than ten episodes, Daredevil: Born Again received an 18-episode order. Cox will be on set for almost an entire year to manage this much content. As the star puts it, “They said to me, ‘We’re going to be shooting in 2023’. I said, ‘Great, when?’ They said, ‘All 2023’. I start shooting in February and finish in December.”

What’s Daredevil: Born Again About?

While Marvel Studios has a history of keeping everyone in the dark until the last possible moment, Cox reveals he still doesn’t know much about the show’s narrative. He confirms the series won’t be a direct sequel to Netflix’s take on the character, instead featuring a new character version in the MCU. Still, with so many episodes to fill, Cox has a clear idea of where the upcoming series might go. As Cox says:

“I’m fascinated to discover why they’ve chosen to do 18 [episodes]. I’m imagining there’s going to be an element to it that is like the old-school procedural show. Not necessarily case-of-the-week, but something where we go really deep into Matt Murdock the lawyer and get to see what his life is like. If that’s done right and he really gets his hands dirty with that world… I think there’s something quite interesting about that, to spend a lot of time in a superhero’s day-to-day life and you really earn the moments when he suits up.”

Daredevil: Born Again is coming to Disney+ in the Spring of 2024. Besides Cox, the series also brings back Vincent D’Onofrio as the Kingpin, a part he played in Netflix’s Daredevil and Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye. Check out our interview with D’Onofrio about his MCU resurgence:

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