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It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights. It’s time to meet the Muppets again in The Muppets Mayhem, the new 10-episode series due to hit Disney+. The Muppets have been around since Jim Henson first introduced many of them in Sesame Street, way back in 1969. The path from children’s television to The Muppet Show, which premiered in 1976, was through two half-hour specials, The Muppets Valentine Special, airing in 1974, and The Muppets: Sex and Violence, from 1975. It was the 1975 special, Sex and Violence, that introduced audiences to such central personalities as Sam the Eagle, the Swedish Chef, Statler and Waldorf, and an early version of Miss Piggy. It’s also where audiences first met Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.


From those humble beginnings, the Muppets have been a mainstay in movie theatres, on television sets, and on the internet ever since. The newest entry into the long lexicon of Muppets properties, The Muppets Mayhem, will see the Muppets’ very own house band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem, in their first-ever solo series as they attempt to record their very first album.

The Muppets Electric Mayhem
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When and Where Is The Muppets Mayhem Releasing?

Though currently there is no known release date, the series is expected out sometime in 2023. It is slated to be a ten-episode comedy that will premiere exclusively on Disney+. If The Muppets Mayhem is too far away for you, and you are desperate for some Muppets fare now, Disney+ has plenty of other Muppets goodies for your viewing pleasure. They have many of the Muppet movies, including the original Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper, as well as most episodes of The Muppet Show, and are the home for the short-form series, Muppets Now.

Is There a Trailer for The Muppets Mayhem?

Thus far, there is no trailer for the series. The only footage that’s been seen from the show was at New York Comic-Con, where a short clip was screened. We also got a single from The Electric Mayhem during the D23 Expo 2022, which you can check out below:

Who Is Making The Muppets Mayhem?

The series is developed by Adam F. Goldberg, Bill Barretta, and Jeff Yorkes. Goldberg is best known for his hit semi-autobiographical ABC series, The Goldbergs. He now has an overall deal with ABC Signature, which is the production entity behind The Muppets Mayhem. ABC Signature President, Jonnie Davis, said of Goldberg that he is “… our resident Muppet enthusiast… and getting to play in the sandbox with Bill, a longtime Muppet performer, as well as these beloved characters was a dream come true for him, Bill, and Jeff.” Davis then went on to add, “Their take is fresh, fun, musical, and of course, hilarious. We couldn’t be happier to be the studio that is helping them get the band back together.”

Michael Bostick and Chris Eber will serve as executive producers, alongside Goldberg, Berretta, and Yorkes. Julie Bean, Hannah Friedman, Crystal Shaw, Hans Rodionoff, Gabrielle Rodriguez, and Danielle Maransky are the writers for the show. Craig Kief is the director of photography with Matt Sohn and Kimmy Gatewood as directors.

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Who’s In the Cast of The Muppets Mayhem?

The Muppets Mayhem
Image via Disney

As with any Muppets property, it’s important to distinguish between who the human actors are and who among the Muppets will find themselves in the show. In this case, the first casting, that of Lilly Singh, was announced in March 2022. Singh will be playing the role of Nora, “the Junior A&R executive who is tasked with managing and wrangling the band…” Singh has most recently been seen in Hulu’s Dollface and is currently working on a Netflix show from Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris.

Another real-life human in the series is Tahj Mowry, perhaps best known for his FreeForm series, Baby Daddy. In Mayhem, Mowry will be playing Gary “Moog” Moogowski, “…a lovably awkward die-hard superfan of the band,” who “loyally follows them from gig to gig.” Described as an “avid audiophile who knows his way around a mixing board,” he’ll be there to offer advice to Nora, always hoping that she’ll start to see him as more than just a goofy sidekick.

Two more living human beings have been cast for Mayhem, Saara Chaudry, most recently seen in the Disney+ series The Mysterious Benedict Society, and Anders Holm, best known for being the co-creator and co-star of the hit Comedy Central series Workaholics. He’s also appeared on The Mindy Project and Inventing Anna. Chaudry will play the part of Hannah, Nora’s younger sister who is far more successful than her. She’s built herself a growing social media following on her enthusiastic make-up videos, and this has put a lot of strain on her relationship with Nora. Holm will play Nora’s ex-boyfriend, JJ. He’s a cool tech entrepreneur who used to be a rather awkward intern. Though ambitious, he still has a flame for Nora, so be on the lookout for a love triangle between him, Nora, and Moog.

It’s also been suggested that maybe, just maybe, Cheech & Chong will be making a cameo in the series, where Mayhem’s saxophonist Zoot will “somehow fool the classic comedy duo.”

Which Muppets are Appearing in The Muppets Mayhem?


Thus far, the only Muppets known to be making an appearance are the band members in the Electric Mayhem. The foremost member is, of course, Dr. Teeth, the scruffy, green-skinned, red-haired keyboardist with a gold tooth. His look is inspired by the real-life keyboardist, Dr. John, who, coincidentally, wrote the Popeye’s Chicken jingle, “Luv dat chicken.” Dr. Teeth was originally played by Jim Henson but is now played by Bill Barretta, one of the producers and creators of the Mayhem series.

Needing very little introduction is the band’s drummer, Animal. The red muppet with shaggy red hair and a chain around his neck is known for his wild outbursts and a perpetual need to keep him under control, which usually falls to his keeper, Floyd Pepper. Animal was originally played by the legendary Frank Oz but is performed by Eric Jacobson in the show. Flanking him are Floyd Pepper and Janice. Floyd Pepper is the red-haired, red-mustachioed bassist bedecked in a Sgt. Pepper’s coat, whose sarcasm usually gets him karate kicked by Miss Piggy. He is now played by Matt Vogel. Known for her flower child attire, long blonde hair, and eyes always closed in a perpetual state of chilled bliss, Janice is the lead guitarist for the band. She is currently played by David Rudman. Rounding out the band are Zoot, on saxophone, and Lips on trumpet. Zoot is the balding, blue puppet, and Lips is the yellow puppet with shaggy blonde hair. Both of them rarely speak, though, for the Mayhem series, it’s reported that Lips will speak in mumbles intelligible only to the band.

It’s unknown which other Muppets will be making cameos in the series, though knowing which Muppeteers are in it can give audiences an idea of who else they might expect. With Barretta in the series, it’s almost certain that he’ll bring with him Pepe the King Prawn, Rowlf the Dog, and the Swedish Chef. Matt Vogel is the primary puppeteer for Kermit and Robin, so it’s likely the series will include them. Eric Jacobson could bring with him Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, or Sam the Eagle. David Rudman could bring in Scooter or Beaker, Peter Linz could bring Statler or Link Hogthrob, and Dave Goelz – one of the original Muppeteers – could play Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, Waldorf, or the Great Gonzo, a character he originated.

What Do We Know of the Plot of The Muppets Mayhem?

Currently, all that is really known about the story of The Muppets Mayhem is that the band, with the help of their human friend Nora Gibbs – as played by Lilly Singh – will come face-to-face with the contemporary music scene as they attempt to record their first platinum record. Here’s how Disney has described the plot:

The comedy series follows The Electric Mayhem Band — Dr. Teeth on vocals and keyboards, Animal on drums, Floyd Pepper on vocals and bass, Janice on vocals and lead guitar, Zoot on saxophone and Lips on trumpet — on an epic, music-filled journey to record their first-ever studio album. With the help of a driven young music executive, Nora, the old-school Muppet band comes face to face with the current day music scene as they try to finally go platinum.

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