Barbie Pascual & Cat Baugh Feud Explained


  • Barbie and Cat’s feud is hindering their time on the St. David and could impact their careers.
  • Cat feels disrespected by Barbie’s behavior during working hours.
  • Barbie believes Cat isn’t pulling her weight and wants to address the issue with Fraser.



Below Deck season 11 is working with an almost entirely new crew, including Barbie Pascual and Cat Baugh, whose feud could be a major detriment to their time on the St. David. While Cat and Barbie both have superyacht experience, they come from tremendously different backgrounds and have very opposite strengths. Barbie, who has worked on superyachts in the past, has had experience on ships like the St. David and brings that to her work ethic on the superyacht. Cat has had experience yachting, but she’s only worked on different styles of yachts in the past, which colors her experience.

While both women are well equipped to work on superyachts and should be able to be cohesive working with Xandi Olivier and Chief Steward, Fraser Olender, it’s clear that their differences in work style have created issues for the women. With Below Deck season 11 only a few episodes into the season, Barbie and Cat’s feud has been quick to ignite. The women’s disdain for one another is palpable, and though some of it is rational, most of it should be left outside of their work. Cat and Barbie’s feud could be a major hurdle for the stewardesses this season.


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Cat Feels Disrespected By Barbie

Below Deck Season 11: Cat Baugh
Custom image by César García

Although Cat’s first day on St. David was rough for the stewardess, she was hoping she would be able to rely on her coworkers to help her through the tough times of the charter season. Within the first day of the charter, however, Cat was feeling disrespected by Barbie during their working hours together. Barbie, who felt Cat wasn’t able to accomplish simple tasks on her own, wasn’t shy about not being pleased with Cat’s work. Cat, in turn, felt Barbie was disrespectful in the way she was ordering the rest of the stewardesses around during their working hours.

Barbie Doesn’t Think Cat Is Pulling Her Weight

Below Deck season 11 star Barbie Pascual

While Cat feels disrespected, Barbie was simply trying to give her honest opinion that Cat hasn’t been pulling her weight on the St. David. Barbie explained to Fraser that she wasn’t happy with the way that Cat seemed to flake on the responsibilities they share as stewardesses. While Cat isn’t operating in a way Barbie feels is correct or productive, the fact that Fraser hasn’t sat down and talked to Cat about her work should be telling. Moving forward, it would be surprising if he wasn’t clear about the tasks he wants both women to do.

Wil Their Feud Get Them Fired?

After just one charter, it’s possible that Below Deck season 11’s Cat and Barbie could push their feud far enough for it to hurt their respective careers. Though the stewardesses were addressed by Fraser in the most recent episode of the series, it’s clear that their fight is going to continue as the show does. Despite knowing that they need to focus on St. David and the work they need to do, both women have invested energy into the issues they’re facing and will likely continue fighting until they reach a breaking point on Below Deck.

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