An Alternate John Wick 4 Ending Was Shot But Discarded After Screening

Director Chad Stahelski has opened up about the ending of John Wick: Chapter 4 and revealed that they previously shot an alternate ending that would tease more adventures for Keanu Reeves’ beloved assassin.

ComingSoon spoiler alert

The John Wick 4 ending that was included in the theatrical release features Wick having died due to his injuries occurred over the course of the movie and in his final duel. It then ends with Winston Scott and The Bowery King attending Wick’s funeral alongside the assassin’s dog. However, a secondary ending that teased that Wick could still be alive was shot and screened once.

“It was a little sketchy during test screenings. I haven’t told too many people this, but we did additional photography and shot a different ending. It wasn’t at the duel, but we did reveal that John Wick … There was a different way to do [the funeral scene], and we wanted it to be a little bit more mysterious. That’s why you see the puppy look up at the end,” revealed Stahelski to THR.

“So there was another thing that we tested, and we were open to testing both [endings] because Keanu and I just wanted to make a good movie. We just wanted to feel what was most satisfying. So we did one test screening, and the audience revolted pretty hard about [the new ending]. So we thought that we nailed it the first time, and to the studio’s credit, they didn’t even blink. That night, literally in the theater, we all got it. We all saw the reactions, and we all high-fived each other and said, ‘We have a good movie.’”

As a result, Lionsgate told Stahelski to go with the ending that he feels strongest about and we got what viewers saw in theaters.

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