All Ditto Disguises In Pokémon GO (December 2023)

Ditto is a Pokémon like no other in Pokémon GO. While most wild Pokémon appear on the map as you walk around, you will never come across a Ditto. Like in the TV show, Ditto transforms into other Pokémon in battle and requires a unique method to catch them in Pokémon GO. Ditto will disguise itself as several Pokémon in Pokémon GO, which, when caught, will reveal itself as Ditto, meaning luck plays a big part in you being able to catch one.

Unlike some updates in Pokémon GO, such as battles with Team GO Rocket leader Giovanni, Ditto disguises rarely change, with the last set of these occurring in March 2023. However, if you are looking to catch one in December 2023, you will have an advantage if you know which Pokémon have a chance of being a Ditto in disguise. You can also use regular Incense or your Daily Adventure Incense to increase the number of spawns in your location to give you a better chance of catching a Ditto this month.

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All Pokémon That Can Be Ditto In Pokémon GO (December 2023)

Catching Ditto in December 2022 of Pokémon GO

The different Pokémon disguising themselves as Ditto in December 2023 haven’t changed from last month. As in previous months, Ditto can appear as eight different Pokémon spanning across the first six Generations of the series. Most Pokémon that Ditto can appear as fairly common types, increasing your chances of finding one. From the original Generation 1, Ditto can only disguise itself as Diglett or Grimer.

The most common Pokémon that Ditto can disguise itself are Gen 2 Snubbull and Gen 4 Starly.

When there are no special events taking place, both Snubbull, and Starly are especially common and will frequently spawn, making these your best bet for trying to catch a Ditto this month. The Normal-type can also be disguised as Corphish, Roggenrola, Tympole, or Litleo. Ditto can also rarely be caught through special research tasks, but there aren’t any of these in Pokémon GO.

All Ditto Disguises



Gen 1 Kanto


Gen 1 Kanto


Gen 2, Johto


Gen 3 Hoenn


Gen 4, Sinnoh


Gen 5, Unova


Gen 5, Unova


Gen 6, Kalos

While a lot of luck is required, if you see any of the above eight Pokémon at one of your nearby Pokestops, you should catch them, and eventually, one of them will turn into the elusive Ditto in Pokémon GO.

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