All D23 Disney Lorcana Cards (& How Much They’re Worth)

Disney is diving into the tabletop game market with its all-new Disney Lorcana, which is launching in just a couple of weeks, and currently, promo cards that debuted at the Disney D23 Expo are setting high values in online markets among collectors. The card game features characters from the expansive Disney franchise that are called into action by players known as Illumineers using magic inks to defend the realm of Lorcana. The game will release its first Chapter of content on September 1, 2023.



Disney Lorcana is comparable to Magic: The Gathering and the Pokémon Trading Card Game, but with less of a competitive focus for all ages to enjoy. Like other tabletop trading card games, players will collect cards from booster packs and use them to create their own decks. Cards will be purchased in randomized booster packs and separated into different magic ink colors that represent different styles of magic similar to Magic: The Gathering. At the Disney D23 Expo, seven of these cards were printed in a limited number 1st Edition Promo card set and given away to people in attendance. These special cards are now valued very highly among collectors.

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Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Mickey Mouse on a starry background

D23 Promo Card #1 for Disney Lorcana is the beloved classic, Mickey Mouse. In this card, Mickey is portrayed as the Brave Little Tailor and it is part of the Ruby Ink Type. Disney Lorcana has released a statement that it will never have mechanically unique promo cards, so everything on this card other than the D23 Expo stamp is the same as what players can get in a booster pack. As the only non-foil collectible from the set, this Mickey Mouse card is currently valued on TCGPlayer at $1,100 USD.

Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Captain Hook on a starry background

This Captain Hook card is #7 of the D23 Promo Card set of Disney Lorcana and features the villainous pirate as a Forceful Duelist. This version of Captain Hook uses the Steel Ink Type and is the Dreamborn form. The Disney Lorcana cards can appear in one of three forms: Storyborn which is the basic version of the characters, Dreamborn which is a slightly more impressive version, and Floodborn which can be a bit more of an imaginative take on the characters. This is a rare holofoil card that is valued on TCGPlayer currently at $1,300 USD.

Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Maleficent on a starry background

Maleficent in her Monstrous Dragon form was D23 Promo Card #5 for Disney Lorcana. This card shows a Storyborn Maleficent in classic artwork style after transforming into the powerful dragon and is a part of the Ruby Ink Type deck. Each of these cards includes some flavor text on them, with the Maleficent card stating, “The ninth Rule of Villainy: When all else fails, turn into a dragon.” TCGPlayer is valuing Maleficent’s holofoil D23 Promo Card #5 at $1,300 USD at this time.

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Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Robin Hood on a starry background

D23 Promo Card #6 features Robin Hood as a Storyborn Hero in the Character Version of Unrivaled Archer. It is also a holofoil card and uses the Sapphire Ink Type to play. When using the card in a game, if an opposing player has more cards in their hand, the one who plays Robin Hood can draw a card to even things out some. TCGPlayer lists this beautiful holofoil with a current value of $2,500 USD.

Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Cruella De Vil on a starry background

Cruella de Vil is the featured character on the cover of the First Chapter Starter Deck for the Emerald Ink Type with this particular card’s image used as the artwork for the Starter Deck marketing. The special Expo version D23 Promo Card #4 features Cruella de Vil as the Character Version Miserable As Usual and is a Storyborn Villain. This Disney Lorcana holofoil D23 Promo Card is valued on TCGPlayer as being worth $2,500 USD at this time.

Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Stitch on a starry background

This is the only D23 Promo Card to feature a Floodborn form and showcases Stitch portrayed as a Rock Star in D23 Promo Card #2 for Disney Lorcana. He utilizes the Amber Ink Type and has a rockstar-worthy ability called Adoring Fans that allows players to draw a card whenever they play a character with cost 2 or less. The holofoil D23 Promo Card of this Disney Lorcana alien is currently valued on TCGPlayer at $2,500 USD.

Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Card Elsa on a starry background

Fan-favorite Elsa comes in as the highest valued card of the Disney Lorcana D23 Expo Promo Cards, and Card #3 in the set. This holofoil card shows Elsa in her role as the Snow Queen and is part of the Amethyst Ink Type. This card takes the Dreamborn form and lists her as a Hero, Queen, and Sorcerer with the special power to Freeze. Elsa’s descriptive text states, “Recreated by magical ink, Elsa found herself in an unfamiliar new world. Fortunately, ice works the same way everywhere.” TCGPlayer currently lists Elsa’s D23 Promo Card at a value of $3,000 USD.

Disney Lorcana will launch Chapter 1 of its card sets fully on September 1, 2023, with local game stores having the ability to begin selling the game two weeks early on August 18. It has been announced by Ravensburger that there will be four expansion sets added to the game each year, with Chapter 2 scheduled to be coming on December 1, 2023, although there is no word yet on any promotional events or special cards for that release. The Gift Set of Chapter 1 will include two holofoil promo cards of Mulan and Hades as part of its package. Disney Lorcana‘s cards are currently all focused on traditional Disney characters, although later sets may include other Disney properties such as Pixar.

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