All 65 Movies & TV Shows Arriving In June

Peacock features a robust catalog of movies and TV shows, with even more coming to the streaming service in June 2023. Launched to great fanfare in 2020, Peacock changed the streaming game with its mixture of free and paid content, and the streamer was able to land top-tier shows like The Office because of its NBC affiliation. In the years since its debut, Peacock has further expanded its reach by including many hit films on its platform, and it offers one of the largest streaming collections available.


Like most streaming services, Peacock’s catalog isn’t stagnant, and each month the streamer adds dozens of new shows and movies to keep things fresh. Additionally, Peacock has also become a home for live-streaming sports, and their lucrative deals with the MLB, Premiere League, and World Wrestling Entertainment have made them a truly multifaceted platform. The best TV shows on Peacock represent the upper echelon of streaming entertainment, and the service has begun to create memorable series and movies that rival the original content of their competitors. In June 2023, more than 60 movies and TV shows are new to Peacock, and that’s excluding live sporting events.

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June 1

Custom image of Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker in Fast Five and Vin Diesel in Fast X.

  • 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
  • Akeelah and the Bee (2006)
  • All Eyez On Me (2017)
  • Art and Pep (2022)
  • The Bone Collector (1999)
  • The Bourne Identity (2002)
  • The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
  • The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
  • The Bourne Legacy (2012)
  • The Calling (2014)
  • Casino (1995)
  • The Fast and the Furious (2001)
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006)
  • Fast & Furious (2009)
  • Fast Five (2011)
  • Field of Dreams (1989)
  • Flushed Away (2006)
  • Have No Fear: The Life of Pope John Paul II (2005)
  • Higher Learning (1995)
  • Hurricane Season (2009)
  • The Hurricane (1999)
  • Judgement Day (1999)
  • Jurassic Park (1993)
  • The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
  • Jurassic Park III (2001)
  • Jurassic World (2015)
  • Kick-Ass (2010)
  • The Last Legion (2007)
  • Life on the Line (2016)
  • Lost in Translation (2003)
  • Love the Coopers (2015)
  • Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)
  • Madea Goes to Jail (2009)
  • Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)
  • Madea’s Witness Protection (2012)
  • Marauders (2016)
  • The Money Pit (1986)
  • Outlander (2009)
  • Out of Sight (1998)
  • The Producers (2005)
  • The Proposal (2009)
  • The Purge (2013)
  • The Purge: Election Year (2016)
  • Rent (2005)
  • Ride Along (2014)
  • Scarface (1983)
  • The Secret Life of Pets (2016)
  • Soul Men (2008)
  • Spare Parts (2015)
  • State Property (2002)
  • Still Waiting (2009)
  • Superbad (2007)
  • They Came Together (2014)
  • Transamerica (2006)
  • Waiting… (2005)
  • War (2007)
  • Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (2008)
  • XXX (2002)
  • XXX: State of The Union (2005)
  • Soulful and Funny (Season 1)

The first of the month always has a big drop in library additions. In June, the new movies on Peacock include an impressive variety. While there are plenty of standalone dramas and comedies, there are also several big franchises whose movies are being added to the streamer.

The Jason Bourne movies, all starring Matt Damon as a government asset on the run are among those. Each movie digs progressively further into the conspiracy and the truth of his past. Five of the Fast & Furious movies are also being added to the streamer, just in time for the release of Fast X. Nearly all the Fast movies are available on Peacock, so fans can have a complete picture of the Fast & Furious story going into the new movie. The first four installments of the Jurassic Park franchise are also available. The final two movies of the Jurassic World trilogy are available on two different streaming platforms. When their contracts expire, fans might finally get to see all the Jurassic movies in one place.

In addition to all the movies on Peacock, June 1 also sees the addition of the full first season of Soulful and Funny. The docuseries follows comedian Crystal Powell on a road trip through Texas. Powell stops at different soul food restaurants accompanied by different comedians. It’s a unique take on a food series.

June 2

A blended image features Lebron James and the Shooting Stars cast

Peacock doesn’t add a lot of original content to its streaming service. Much like Paramount Plus, the streamer relies more on library content that fans are familiar with, or in putting episodes of currently airing network television shows the next day. There are some rare movies and TV shows that Peacock develops for the streamer and Shooting Stars is one of them. The movie recounts the rise of LeBron James to basketball stardom, but it doesn’t tell the story of his professional career. Instead, the biopic focuses on his teen years as he and his friends take their high school basketball team to victory. The highly anticipated movie on Peacock stars Marquis Mookie Cook, Caleb McLaughlin, and Wood Harris as the young basketball players.

June 8

Kaley Cuoco and Chris Messina in Based On A True Story

  • Based On A True Story (Season 1)

Peacock takes TV audiences’ obsession with true crime to a new level. The dark comedy stars Kaley Cuoco, Chris Messina, and Tom Bateman as a trio who decide to cash in on the interest in true crime. Cuoco and Messina play a couple expecting their first child who need to find a way to make extra money. When the duo believes they know the identity of a local serial killer, they decide to blackmail them to participate in a podcast, but they end up tangled up in a lot of criminal activity, putting themselves in danger. Viewers won’t have to wait week-to-week for this new tv show on Peacock either. The entire season is dropping all at once.

June 15

The promotional artwork for Dragons: The Nine Realms features five young characters paired with different brightly colored dragons.

  • Dragons: The Nine Realms (Season 6, Episodes 1-8)

Adults and kids alike have an animated series on Peacock to look forward to in mid-June as well. Peacock offers Dragons: The Nine Realms, an animated series set within the How To Train Your Dragon universe, but far into the future from when Hiccup lived. Though the series only debuted in 2021, it’s been released in batches of episodes over the last two years, making this batch of episodes Season 6. The series features the voice talents of Jeremy Shada, Marcus Scribner, and Aimee Garcia. With each season usually picking up right after the events of the last, fans of the show can likely expect the same for Season 6.

June 16

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg running with guns in their hands and money flying behind them in the movie 2 Guns

The only library catalog addition to the many new movies coming to Peacock in June to not drop on June 1 is 2 Guns. The 2013 action movie got mixed reviews when it originally debuted in theaters with some calling it formulaic and others praising the chemistry between the main actors. Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington star in the movie as two criminals that work together with a drug lord in Mexico. The catch is that both of them are actually undercover, working for two different American government organizations. They only discover that when one double-crosses the other, and they discover corruption within their own ranks. They’re forced to team up again when one of them is framed for murder. The action-comedy is definitely an entertaining summer flick for the Peacock catalog.

In addition to the new content added directly to Peacock throughout June, the streamer will also have many reality shows and game shows that air on NBC-Universal-owned networks available to stream the next day. That includes Bravo’s Project Runway and Real Housewives franchises, Telemundo’s Top Chef VIP, NBC’s America’s Got Talent, and more. New episodes of the drama series The Blacklist will also be available on Peacock the day after they air on NBC. New episodes of Saturday Night Live would usually be available the day after they air as well, but the series is currently on hiatus due to their writers’ room currently being shut down. New episodes of scripted programming will not be available until after the Writers Guild of America strike has concluded and studio heads have negotiated a contract that pays the union fair wages.

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