10 Unpopular Opinions About Tyrion Lannister, According To Reddit

House of the Dragon is about to expand Westeros far beyond the scope of Game of Thrones. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of the saga and an even more notable period to reflect upon the characters that made Thrones so special. It’s fair to say that few could come close in the latest HBO series to Tyrion Lannister’s appeal.

Portrayed by the spectacular Peter Dinklage, Tyrion was in many ways the heart and soul of the show and reflective of the audience’s point of view. Seeking justice, morally led, with his adventures spanning across all of Westeros, despite the importance of the Lannister, some Reddit users have fairly unpopular opinions concerning his role.


10 Tyrion Isn’t That Smart

One of Tyrion’s defining characteristics, which sets him apart from other protagonists in the show, is his intelligence. He’s considered to be one of the smartest figures in Thrones, which is why he so often finds himself in advisory roles to powerful people including Joffrey and Daenerys.

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With both the books and the show in mind though, jmdeamer has suggested that the assumption of intelligence is misinformed. Using one specific example they say, “But here’s the thing, he’s a doofus. I know, how can that be? He’s got such a quick wit and everyone can’t stop saying how clever he is all the time. But think of it this way. For someone who’s supposed to be so intelligent, Tyrion manages to get framed for murder by Petyr Baelish not once, not twice, but THREE separate times.”

9 Misinterpretations

One element that allowed Game of Thrones to be so successful is how the writers took the material from the books and brought it to life. It wasn’t a perfect adaptation, but it worked, with the essence of the lead characters remaining the same. Fans will continue to debate over how close these variations are.

But one unpopular opinion suggests a butchery of Tyrion. heuristic_al said “It’s funny because D&D completely misinterpreted his character from the beginning. In the books, he thinks he’s a good person, but he excuses his monstrous deeds and enables tyrony. After his trial, he falls deeper and deeper into villainy.” How accurate that description is will continue to haunt discussions.

8 Tyrion Is The Villain

There are a fair few characters that could be classed as the villain of Game of Thrones. Tyrion wouldn’t often be put on that list despite his schemes and plans, in the context of the books or the show. However, more people than might be expected continue to support the notion that the Lannister is the foe, including George R. R. Martin.

Regardless of who says it, it’s still unpopular to some. In a thread discussing Martin’s comments that Tyrion is the villain, kahuna382000 said “Tyrion is really your sterotypical bad guy, supporting a mad tyranical king in a war against the rightful ruler who is a just and honourable character.” Putting it like that does feel rather one-sided though.

7 The Best Book

For the TV show, there have been comments about Tyrion peaking around the middle of the series. When compared to the books, fans have a lot of opinions as to which part of his journey is the most intriguing. That can be defined by a specific season or a specific book as some beats are the same.

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Wherever someone falls on the topic will be controversial to some, as there’s an argument to be made about each entry into Tyrion’s narrative. lubicke picked a side though, saying “His character in the fifth book might have been his book prime, and a lot of what made it great wasn’t included in the show.” Yet some of those elements were carried to the screen in alternative ways as well.

6 A Closed Mind

On the topic of intelligence, Tyrion is also one of the most well-read people in the show. But that doesn’t mean he allows his readings to define his point of view. Tyrion is endlessly inquisitive and open to new ideas. His trip to the Wall and his support of Daenerys demonstrate his commitment to learning more and supporting change in unexpected forms.

However, one unpopular opinion suggests that’s far from the truth. SkepticalOrange said “He’s book smart and knows more information than most which, combined with his natural distrust of everyone, makes him think he’s smarter than everyone. Unfortunately, this also makes him close-minded and a bit delusional.” The realistic approach he usually takes throws doubt on that though.

5 Poor Development

Tyrion ended up being one of the characters that the show took a great deal of time to develop. His arc over the series takes many unexpected turns in a range of beautiful episodes, but he continued to take on several vital roles in the later seasons, as an advisor to the Targaryen Queen. Lannister’s final place in the show, as Hand of the King, is a testament to that journey.

But, some viewers have suggested this arc doesn’t truly exist and that there’s a turning point for the character. cking145 says “Tyrion Lannister is unrecognizable to the man he was in S1-4. Seeing the most captivating, endearing and entertaining character from the series reduced to a fumbling, incompetent caricature of himself – well, it really saddens me.”

4 Unjustifiable Murder

Tywin Lannister and Tyrion never had a good relationship. Out of all the villains in the show, audiences particularly hated the Old Lion of Casterly Rock. When Tyrion finally put an end to his abusive father, most people cheered, for finally justice was served.

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That’s not how one Reddit user took the murder though. With a comparison to the source material, LumpyArryhead said “In the books it’s 100% justified, even if you take every other bad thing he’s ever done in his entire life out, the…. he did to Tysha earned it outright. In the show… it’s debatable. Once he was there he had to do it, but it was damn stupid for him to be up there in the first place.”

3 Tyrion Was Right To Kill Shae

Tyrion’s murder of Shae put an end to a certain chapter of his life. It was a shocking moment, that went far beyond his usual shady burns and vengeful political moves. Her murder continues to be one of the most controversial points of the character, considering she was constantly at a disadvantage, forced to be many things for powerful men.

One user has doubled down on the unpopular opinion that she deserved to be killed though. They say “the reason why Shae “had it coming” is that she was not honest with Tyrion from the beginning, or at least, she started acting like she truly loved/like/was loyal to the end in regards to her relationship with Tyrion.”

2 Tyrion Should Have Been King

So many figures from Game of Thrones lore could have risen to the Iron Throne. The victor ended up being Bran, who no one would have expected to rise to the position. However, Tyrion has always been best in the role of the Hand of the King, with the likes of Jon Snow far better suited to the throne.

It’s fairly unpopular to suggest that Tyrion should have ruled Westeros but one user makes the case regardless. They said “the biggest one that struck my mind is why didn’t he become king? He is a phenomenal leader, charismatic, noble (to many extents), a brilliant tactician for someone who has little military experience, and he cares for the common man. Not to mention, according to Varys, he plays the game well.”

1 He’s The Best Character

Game of Thrones introduced audiences to so many spectacular characters. There’s someone for everyone and Tyrion isn’t always a viewer’s cup of tea. He’s made several controversial choices and the competition is fierce when it comes to brilliant heroes, from Jon Snow to Arya Stark.

That’s why, when any fan declares something definitively it’s certain to be unpopular. There’s a whole thread dedicated to why Tyrion Lannister is the best character in Game of Thrones. One user says that “Well, yes. He’s a complete underdog while still getting more than just one win through the story. He is morally good while not always predictable. All of which makes for a good character.” There are sure to be some disgruntled fans who disagree with the ‘best’ moniker.

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