10 Most Unrealistic Things About The Bear


  • The Bear, despite its reputation for realism, contains several unrealistic moments that are often overlooked, such as impossibly clean chefs and characters getting away with drugging children without consequences.
  • The show has received widespread acclaim, boasting a 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and earning five Primetime Emmy Award nominations. Its careful craftsmanship and attention to detail impress viewers, but it is not without flaws.
  • Specific examples of unrealistic moments include Carmy always having clean clothes despite working in a grimy restaurant, characters lacking consequences for drugging a children’s party, and Carmy’s sudden improvement in DIY skills within a short timeframe.



While it may have reputation for realism, The Bear actually boasts a number of unrealistic moments that are difficult to ignore. The Bear has been endlessly praised for how true it is to life at a restaurant, whether it’s the relationships or working in hospitality. However, outside of that industry, there are several aspects of the show that are often overlooked.

The Bear has taken the world by storm, as it has a huge 99% on Rotten Tomatoes and has been nominated for five Primetime Emmy Awards. As The Bear is so specific and every line of dialogue and every shot is so carefully crafted, it’s impossible to not be impressed by the series. Of course, that’s not to say it’s without its imperfections. Between impossibly clean chefs, characters getting away with drugging a whole children’s party, and a few other scenes, there’s more than a handful of moments in the show that stand out as uncharacteristically improbable.

10 Carmy’s Clothes Always Stay Clean

Jeremy Allen White as Carmy wearing a clean white tee in The Bear.

Even in the cleanest of restaurants, the chefs are always going to get dirty. Chefs in The Original Beef should be especially dirty given how grimy and rotten the place is. After all, the ceiling is literally caving in. Even with that being the case, Carmy always looks so clean. Typically, there isn’t so much a spot of food splatter on his apron or his fresh white t-shirts. It also makes no sense that his clothes are so clean given that he smokes so many cigarettes. Along with his clean clothes, Carmy is also always freshly shaven and has perfect hair, which is completely unrealistic given how stressed and limited on time he always is.

9 Nobody Faces The Consequences Of Drugging An Entire Children’s Party

Uncle Jimmy smirks in The Bear

In The Bear season 1, episode 4, “Dogs,” Carmy and Richie cater a kids’ birthday party for Cicero, only a homemade Ecto cooler is spiked with Richie’s Xanax. As a result, every child in attendance is drugged and passes out in the yard. While accidentally drugging someone is bad enough, somebody must be held accountable for a whole group of kids taking Xanax. But, neither Richie nor Carmy wind up answering for it, and Cicero even acts like the cousins did him a favor. This makes “Dogs” the most glaring example of The Bear’s realism being sidelined for broad humor.

8 Carmy & Sydney’s DIY Hardware Skills

A screenshot from The Bear of Carmy and Sydney in the kitchen. Carmy is standing and gesturing with his hands, while Sydney is sitting and has a spoon in her mouth.

Carmy and Sydney’s relationship in The Bear can get confusing, as they’re constantly apologizing to each other. In season 2, episode 9, “Omellete,” after Carmy hadn’t been properly listening to Sydney, he apologizes to her under a table he’s trying to fix. The tabletop is imbalanced and Carmy is using a hanger hook for what’s supposed to be a metal bracket to fix the balance. While The Bear is overly specific about how restaurant kitchens work, the table-fix scene makes no sense. The imbalanced table could be looked at as just an excuse for Carmy to have a personal heart-to-heart with Sydney, but the sequence was still distractingly unrealistic.

7 Carmy Getting Stuck In The Walk-In Freezer

Carmy looks stressed in The Bear

Carmy gets trapped in a Freezer in The Bear season 2’s finale, but every walk-in freezer has an emergency button or latch on the inside that opens that door. It was mentioned in the previous episode that the freezer hadn’t been fixed, but that foreshadowing still doesn’t answer several questions the broken freezer creates. It’s unlikely that the restaurant would have passed the health and safety inspection without an emergency button. Not only does getting trapped in the walk-in freezer not make any sense, but it creates other plot holes as well, as the chefs would have needed to go into the freezer throughout the evening to collect produce for the meals.

6 Richie Shooting A Gun In Broad Daylight To Keep The Customers In Check

Richie listens to Taylor Swift in his car in The Bear

After setting up a video game event, fans – most of whom are in cosplay – act hostile and impatient outside the restaurant, which leads to Richie shooting a gun in the air. Richie did this in broad daylight, and while Southside Chicago has a violent reputation, many would have taken issue with such a rash decision and there’s no doubt that the police would have been called, resulting in the restaurant being shut down. Adding to the impractical nature of the scene is how all the Ballbreaker fans show up in full-costume within hours of the tournament being announced.

5 How Quick Richie’s Skills Improve

Richie wears a black suit in The Bear

When the opening night in The Bear is in disarray, Richie’s hosting skills that he learned at Ever are tested. Unbelievably, Richie becomes the star of the night, but as heartwarming as his season 2 arc is, there’s no way Richie could have progressed that much in such a short time. Richie showcased skills that take years to learn, and given that The Original Beef had no table service, reservations, or any method, it’s hard to imagine that he learned all that in just one week.

4 Carmy Makes So Many Mistakes Despite Being One Of The USA’s Best Chefs

Carmy setting up a plate in The Bear

Carmy’s stress is understandable given how much pressure he’s under to earn a Michelin star for The Bear. However, throughout both The Bear season 1 and season 2, Carmy demonstrates how great of a chef he can be, but he also makes some critical errors. An argument can be made that a chef is only as good as the restaurant, but a lot of the mistakes Carmy makes are totally detrimental, such as forgetting to fix the walk-in freezer, continuously failing the fire suppression test, and generally being all-around indecisive. Given that Carmy learned in some of the strictest restaurants in the world, his clumsiness isn’t remotely realistic when considering his reputation.

3 Sydney’s Day-Long Dine-Out At Chicago’s Fanciest Restaurants

Sydney sitting at a table in The Bear

In The Bear season 2, episode 3, “Sundae,” Sydney travels around Chicago sampling the finest dishes the city has to offer to find inspiration. The character dines at multiple beloved Chicago restaurants and seemingly eats her weight in food without ever getting remotely full. Just some of the food she eats include a lonaniza breakfast sandwich with a hashbrown, Kasama’s mushroom adobo and a mango tart, a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Lobo, ribs and fries at Russell’s Barbecue, deep-dish pizza from Pequod’s, and noodles and scallion from Lao Peng You. Nobody would have been able to eat that much, never mind somebody as small as Sydney.

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2 The Beef/The Bear Retains Almost All Of Its Staff

Richie and Flak clean the restaurant in The Bear

Somehow, Carmy has been able to keep almost all of his staff at The Original Beef and The Bear, which just isn’t consistent with real life. There have been some close calls, such as when Sydney and Marcus walked out in season 1, episode 7, “Review,” and one chef was fired for smoking crystal meth during his break in season 2, but outside of that, every employee at the restaurant has stood by Carmy’s side. That’s extremely unrealistic given that Carmy’s decreasing mental health negatively impacts the staff, and Richie outright humiliates everyone there. Richie bullies and even assaults Fak, and he hurls insults at everyone else and generally creates a hostile work environment.

1 Carmy Didn’t Know What A ServSafe Certification Was

Carmy and Richie argue in the freezer in The Bear

A ServSafe certification verifies that a manager of a restaurant has enough food safety knowledge to protect anybody who eats at the establishment from any kind of food poisoning. Any chef would know that, but Carmy didn’t have a clue what ServSafe was in The Bear. Carmy worked at restaurants in New York; a city that doesn’t acknowledge ServSafe, but chefs in New York still require a food protection certificate. With Carmy’s background in working in Michelin Star restaurants and even the greatest restaurant in the world, there’s no doubt that he would want everyone in the restaurant to become ServSafe-certified.

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