10 Most Interesting Reveals From The Grand Theft Auto 6 Leaks

With Rockstar confirming that the leaks found by players were indeed authentic, many fans have a wealth of information about the upcoming GTA VI. Certainly a lot more than Rockstar was comfortable sharing this early in development. Still, it happened, and the details revealed have fans excited.

There are a lot of new gameplay mechanics being played around with, as well as some plot elements that give clues to where the story of GTA is coming next. Although it’s not known how many of these leaks will still be accurate on release, it’s still interesting to know they were considered.


10 Open Interiors

Usually, the inside of buildings in GTA games, outside of hospitals, stores, or story missions, are inaccessible. Here, they seem to be a part of the world. Restaurants, pawn shops, supermarkets, and potentially working elevators are seen in the footage.

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These interiors are also far more detailed. Some activities can be done within these establishments, particularly in pawn shops. There are hints that the player can fence stolen items in pawn shops to earn extra money.

9 Improved Animations

Overall, the animations are significantly improved, which is impressive this early in development. While certainly still in the pre-alpha stages, this level of polish early on spells good things for fans.. From simple things such as slick walking animations to major improvements like actually picking up guns as opposed to them just teleporting to the player’s hand.

The physics engine was also seemingly refined. There are several well-made diving animations and much less goofy looking ragdoll physics. After the historical precedent set by Red Dead Redemption 2, it seems polish is at the forefront of their concerns.

8 Significantly More World Events

Text at the top right of the screen in one gameplay clip shows a ton of new world events and items. There are pretty mundane events such as Playing Dice, Lifeguard Tower, and Drug Deal Cop Raid, all events one would expect from a crime game.

Bu tthere are also weirder ones such as Overdose, Dead Husband Disposal, and Thrown Out that are a lot vaguer (or in Dead Husband Disposal’s case, absurdly specific) in terms of what the player does. At the very least, it gives players something new to do and could end up being some of the hardest missions in GTA.

7 More Movement Options

While GTA isn’t exactly Assassin’s Creed, the movement has always improved from game to game. Gone are the stiff days of San Andreas and GTA III. Now characters can climb over walls and even sprint without looking goofy.

The sixth installment is no different. Most interestingly, the player character now can go prone. This means a lot of things for the stage designs and combat in the game. Potential new entrances for buildings, and perhaps stealth mechanics. Still, these are just theories at the moment, the only thing known for sure is the ability to go prone.

6 Dynamic NPC Interactions

Although NPCs have always been present in GTA, they are usually limited in what they do. Either they’re standing in place smoking something, or just walking around in a generic fashion. In GTA VI, the NPCs are a lot more dynamic than they were before.

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For one, they don’t just interact with the player. They actually bump into each other, hold their own conversations, and even have uncomfortable arguments in public, just like in real life. NPCs also react realistically to robberies, calling the police, cowering, or running away the moment the player pulls out a gun.

5 A Section of the GTA VI Map

A huge section of the GTA VI map was revealed in the leaks and does confirm the game will be set in Miami. Not only that, it will be set in Vice City, marking the first time the franchise has returned to the location since Vice City Stories on the PSP. In typical Rockstar fashion, the map is really big.

The map is littered with the previously mentioned world events, potentially solving an issue that many had about the game world feeling “empty”. There are also a lot more interior locations, and with the experience from Red Dead Redemption 2, the realism will be impressive.

4 RPG Elements

Minor RPG open-world cliches made a comeback in Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2. References to things such as hunger, thirst, fatigue, and even animal taming are shown. In fact, a “Tame” mechanic is shown in one of the menus, but isn’t showcased in the gameplay footage. Some of these elements also appear to be making an appearance in the new GTA.

San Andreas used to have elements like this, with the gym mechanic, but most gamers agree the mechanics teased here are far more complex. Adding RPG elements to GTA is an interesting direction, but it remains to be seen how far they run with that ball.

3 Police Remember Your Thefts

The police radio is still around, but it seems the force has gotten more competent in Vice City in the years since the last time the player was there. Now, they remember your vehicle’s color, model, and license plate, meaning the player has to switch vehicles to avoid being chased again.

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This mechanic was already present in San Andreas, but that only took into account color. The specifics of the vehicle model and plate number imply that a Pay n Spray might not cut it this time around. It should also be noted the car’s interior is more detailed, so police chases might be more interactive than ever before.

2 An AI Partner

Two playable protagonists have been confirmed named Lucia and Jason. It’s heavily implied that by the plot and more in-depth robbery mechanics that the story will be inspired by the exploits of a career criminal couple, Bonnie & Clyde. While multiple playable characters that can be switched around were introduced in GTA V, this game takes it further.

The players can call in the other playable character to assist as an AI partner during robberies. While story missions had this happen in GTA V, the difference is that the AI partner becomes a mechanic in GTA VI, similar to the Homies system in Saints Row.

1 In-Depth Robbery Events

Robberies are a lot more involved than ever before. In addition to AI Partners being able to assist with them, there are also more than just convenience stores and banks to rob this time around. Breaking into shipping containers, and tool use was seen in the gameplay footage.

More importantly, the male protagonist has a strange “Dead-Eye” mode that highlights the items in the store. This likely means the player can rob pawn shops as well, leaving markers on high-value items as they scout the place out. If the game is to be GTA’s take on Bonnie & Clyde, then these new mechanics are a great step towards immersion.

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