10 Funniest Memes About The Release Of MultiVersus

Warner Bros has seemingly had a major success with the release of their new free to play fighting game, MultiVersus. The game is available on all platforms and hosts a wide cast of the historic entertainment company’s library of characters.

Seeing the great heroes from DC and classic Looney Tunes cartoon characters do battle, alongside other cartoon icons, is entertaining in a number of ways. So many crossovers became possible that audiences would’ve never thought to see in a game, resulting in some hilarious memes.


10 The King Arrives

Video games can be difficult to balance, and it’s still very early on in the game’s lifespan. Many of the characters have already been deemed overpowered, and LeBron James’ first release was no exception. The additional character was added days after release, and Redditors saw it coming.

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This user made a fake thumbnail predicting the clickbait thumbnails that would arrive upon the character’s release. They ended up being exactly right, making the image all the more funny. Releasing a new character can be difficult in any player versus player game, and companies will often make them strong at first to get players into trying them out.

9 The Victory Lap

The rematch feature allows for players in a lobby to vote to fight each other again after the first game. Often times both sides will accept, as the winners think they’ll get another easy win, and the losers are out for revenge. A common theme has been players using currently overpowered characters in the rematch.

In this meme creator’s case, they’ve been seeing a lot of Finn appearances in their second goes against teams they’ve previously beaten. It’s common for players to resort to what they believe is the strongest to get their chance after a salt-inducing loss.

8 A True Superman

While many fans loved Henry Cavill in the role of Superman, Man of Steel and the Snyderverse sequels were commonly perceived as being too dark, with Superman written as mopey and even scary. This is not the Superman many had grown to recognize from the comics.

For the fans who missed the happy campier version they knew from the Christopher Reeve films or the comics, MultiVersus’ Superman is a nice ailment. His lines are wholesome and sometimes even wonderfully cheesy. The one complaint is that he currently doesn’t pack as much of a punch as Superman should, and is surprisingly not one of the strongest characters in MultiVersus.

7 Batman’s Infamous Prep Time

The debate of who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman was largely settled by the release of the film in 2016, as now the idea seems to be that Batman could beat anyone in a fight if he has time to prepare. Whether this is true or not, it has seemed to apply in the DC Universe.

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Batman doesn’t have time to prepare in MultiVersus, which means when he’s tossed in the arena, any character from Bugs Bunny to Tom and Jerry have a chance to throw down with the Dark Knight. This likely makes for more competitive gameplay.

6 Move Spam

Repeating the same move over and over can be an annoying tactic in fighting games, especially when the one move does a good amount of damage and is difficult to avoid. This can be common with ranged attacks to chip away at the damage, but with Shaggy in MultiVersus, the flying jump kick is the way to go.

Shaggy has become a meme icon for cartoon characters, and his involvement in the game adds great comedic value. To see the world-class slacker/detective facing off against assassins like Batman and Arya Stark is a gem for gamers. Hopefully his move set will be balanced to prevent the spam. Shaggy is still one of the best MultiVersus characters for combo attacks.

5 LeBron’s First Appearance

The addition of LeBron James to a video game filled with fictional characters is funny on its own. Due to his role in the Space Jam sequel, he technically is a character.

Every character has a “first appearance” which shows their fictional creation date, for LeBron, rather than choosing his first NBA game, his birthday is used. This meme is a friendly reminder that LeBron is a person, as well as a basketball legend.

4 Microtransaction

Microtransactions have become a topic of major controversy in games. While free to play often sounds like a great deal, these games often require the user to spend a good deal of money to earn certain aspects of gameplay. For MultiVersus, real-life money can be used to purchase characters, as well as cosmetics.

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The Batman: The Animated Seriesskin is in high demand, as it’s one of the best looks in the game. Unfortunately, the price is quite steep, at $20 USD for the skin. This fan remarked on the cost, realizing that three of these skins are equal to the price of Elden Ring. The amount of content that can be purchased with that amount of money is incomparable.

3 The One Who Knocks

Ideas have been spread all over the internet about other potential characters that could be added to MultiVersus, ranging from Lord of the Rings, to The Matrix to monsters like Godzilla. One name that hasn’t been thrown around much is Walter White.

The amount of different properties to draw from allows for some ridiculous possibilities, but seeing characters like Walter White and Tony Soprano facing off against kids cartoons would make the game legendary for memes. MultiVersus already has so many funny character match-ups.

2 Competition In The Ground

Fighting as Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender can be quite fun, but in terms of the sheer amount of characters, MultiVersus has Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl beat by a long shot.

The classic Grant Gustin meme works great for this, as one multimedia entertainment company is likely to be very pleased with itself after outperforming the competition. Yet for some, there are some things Super Smash Bros. still does better than MultiVersus with.

1 If You’re Nothing Without The Spin

One of the best lines from Spider-Man: Homecoming was Tony Stark telling Peter Parker that his heroism had to come from within, not just from the high-tech suit he wears. This logic can be applied to many things, but it definitely makes a great meme format.

The Tasmanian Devil quickly developed a meta for move spamming with his spin ability. The move was quickly patched, sending the character to the bottom of the list of playable options. Taz will have to develop himself more if he wants to reach the higher tiers again.

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