10 Easiest & Most Useful Recipes (And How To Make Them)

Disney Dreamlight Valley can almost feel like a dream come true for fans of Disney and farming simulators thanks to all the elements it shares with Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Since the game’s launch in early September, fans have had plenty of time to invite their favorite Disney characters to their village and create the valley of their dreams.

But starting out isn’t the most magical process as it can be rather difficult to scrounge up money and resources to ensure that Dreamlight Valley is just as good if not better than the townsfolk remember it as they retain their memories after completing quests. To make sure players are crafting and farming in the most optimal way possible, the discovery and knowledge of the game’s myriad recipes are immensely important to a prosperous future in Dreamlight Valley and guarantee the most efficient way to utilize funds and stamina.


10/10 Pastry Cream And Fruits

This delectable dish is simple to make courtesy of Remy once players have completed the Ratatouille realm and unlocked Remy’s restaurant where eggs, milk, peanuts, butter, and more can be bought as well as cooked.

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By simply placing Fruits (x3), Sugarcane (x1), and Milk (x1) into the pot, this recipe grants Pastry Cream and Fruits that not only give around 497 coins for those that would prefer to sell them but also adds a five-star recipe to the player’s repertoire. As an added bonus, the dish can also give well over 2000 energy to those that would prefer to eat it, making it a must-have recipe that’s both simple and profitable.

9/10 Iron Ingots

For those planning on doing a lot of crafting to spruce up the decor of the valley and a player’s own home, Iron Ingots are essential to almost all crafting recipes that represent some sort of structure or piece of furniture.

Thankfully, once other areas of Disney Dreamlight Valley are unlocked (most notably the Forest of Valor), players will be able to get their hands on all the Iron Ore they need to make an Iron Ingot, which requires Iron Ore (x5) and Coal Ore (x1) found in stones spread throughout the valley.

8/10 Scrambled Egg

Much like in real life, Scrambled Eggs are some of the easiest things to cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley so long as Chez Remy is unlocked after completing the Ratatouille realm.

With a simple Egg (x1) and Cheese (x1) – both of which can be bought from Remy – a Scrambled Egg will be prepared and added to the player’s known recipe list, which can also sell for around 520 coins and provide over 1000 energy for those running low on stamina. It’s both a profitable dish to sell and an easy pick-me-up for players who want to stay out just a bit longer.

7/10 Wedding Cake

Love is in the air for this recipe as the Wedding Cake is not only beautiful to look at, but is great for selling, energy, and gifting existing characters and those set to arrive in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

All it takes to provide the most loving display of sweetness is Wheat (x1), Butter (x1), Egg (x1), Sugarcane (x1), and Vanilla (x1), which will grant over 750 coins, 1600 energy, and add another five-star recipe to the player’s collection. All of these ingredients can also be acquired essentially at the start of the game, with the slight exception of vanilla which can be found at the Sunlit Plateau once it’s unlocked for 7,000 Dreamlight.

6/10 Iron Crafting Station

Crafting will take up a large portion of the experience of Disney Dreamlight Valley, and since so many quests and gifts are objects that are able to be crafted, it can be a pain when only one or two workbenches exist at a time, so it’s best to place them in multiple locations to not have to repeatedly walk lost distances or teleport.

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With Iron Ingot (x10), Hardwood (x10), and Topaz (x1), this will make life in the valley much easier when needing to craft something really quick or as part of a quest. Having immediate access to these will be a life and time saver in more ways than one. The hardest part of this will likely be acquiring a Topaz, though frequently mining will likely net players all types of gems in no time.

5/10 Vegetarian Pizza

Pizza can be made almost immediately at the start of the game, with Vegetarian Pizza, in particular, being a five-star recipe to add immediately to the collection. Vegetables (x2), Tomato (x1), Cheese (x1), and Wheat (x1) will provide easy access to the Vegetarian Pizza to make, with all ingredients available essentially from the start of the gam.

Selling these in ample supply for 300-400 coins a piece will provide a quick and easy way to make money quick early on in the game, as well as making a great gift for that perfect Disney sidekick that needs to start a new day with some pizza. If eating is preferred, nearly 800 energy will be replenished upon eating so farming and doing quests can last a bit longer for the day.

4/10 Beignets

Wheat (x1), Canola (x1), Eggs (x1), and Sugarcane (x1) is all a player needs to make this toothsome treat, and all the ingredients needed can be bought at Goofy’s stalls with ease except for the Eggs which can be acquired at Chez Remy.

With such a simple ensemble of ingredients, it’s a fruitful venture as they sell for over 500 coins, give nearly 1000 energy, and add a four-star recipe to the collection.

3/10 Mediterranean Salad

It’s important that players are both energetic and profitable in Disney Dreamlight Valley so that there are little to no hiccups or obstacles in play when materials, upgrades, or acquisitions need to be made that cost a pretty penny, and the Mediterranean Salad is perfect when providing a recipe that does it all in a well-balanced way.

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A Cucumber (x1), Tomato (x1), Onion (x1), Spice (x1), and Lettuce (x1) provide a healthy meal perfect for gardening and plant lovers with over 1000 Energy to boot to those that need to replenish their stamina, as well as a sizable 600 coins to sell for each Mediterranean Salad made. Considering all ingredients in the dish simply need to be farmed, this can be a bountiful option to make money quickly while also giving an additional five-star recipe to the collection.

2/10 Ratatouille

The classic dish from Disney Pixar‘s film of the same name is one of the first five-star dishes players will learn how to make in Disney Dreamlight Valley when working on convincing Remy to come to Dreamlight Valley as they complete quests for the Ratatouille realm.

To make the dish, Remy will walk players through a simple combination of ingredients that consist of Tomato (x1), Eggplant (x1), Zucchini (x1), Onion (x1), and Herbs (x1). Once this has been learned and completed outside the realm, players can add an easy five-star dish to their repertoire that offers over 900 coins and 1500+ energy, making it great for selling and replenishments.

1/10 Chests

It can’t be stressed enough the importance of storage in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and chests will make every player’s life in the valley much easier as more is collected throughout the game’s extensive quest lines and catalog of items.

After attaining the ubiquitous Softwood (x25) and Stone (x25), chests should be made almost every chance it presents itself as the storage at a player’s home is limited and only grows upon the slow expansion done through Scrooge McDuck. Crafting these early on and making sure that many are crafted makes the overall experience much more palatable and reduces stress tremendously, especially if chests are organized by item type as well.

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