10 Best Spooky Pokémon That Really Fit The Halloween Season

Halloween is just around the corner and Pokémon GO is celebrating as they usually do with a Halloween-themed event. Players will be able to get spooky and autumn-themed rewards by playing around this time, really helping them to get into the spirit of the season.

There are tons of Pokémon that are just as spooky as any classic Halloween monster. Ghost-type Pokémon have been with the series since the beginning, and their numbers are always growing. If one is in need of a fun friend this Halloween, consider these Pokémon.



Gourgeist (and its pre-evolution, Pumpkaboo) are so obviously Halloween-themed. Rather than being ghosts, these two are explicitly jack-o-lanterns. They’re both cute in a pretty spooky way, and they also have pretty good typing as joint Grass and Ghost.

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The fully evolved Pokémon also has some terrifying Pokédex entries. It disguises itself as young children and skulks around town and then drags any adults who approach it into the afterlife. It’s kind of a corrupted version of trick or treating, making it a perfectly spooky mon for the season.


This Pokémon might look like they belong more in winter, but their spooky vibes make them perfect for Halloween. After all, as Autumn rolls in, the temperature gets cooler and cooler.

This Pokémon is actually based on Japanese mythology. Yuki Onna was a mysterious Japanese ghost who would wander roads and attack people. Frosslass does the exact same thing. Despite their inspiration and name, though, they come in both male and female variations. Both command deadly ice powers.


Sableye is a pure Dark Type Pokémon, but it is creepier than many ghosts on this list. While there was an imp Pokémon introduced in Generation 8, Sableye will be the iconic Pokémon imp for many. Their small stature and grubby love of jewels make them ideal for lurking in the shadows.

Additionally, despite not being a ghost, they make up for it with a suite of ghost-type attacks. They can use Shadow Ball, Sneak, and Claw, along with astonish and other ghostly attacks. They’re also one of the few single-stage Pokémon to get a mega-evolution. This living shadow is a certainly spooky pick fitting for Halloween.


Haunted trees might not be as iconic as witches or vampires, but they’re Halloween staples. In some parts of the world, hollowed trees are used as jack-o-lanterns instead of pumpkins. So Trevenant and its pre-evolution, Phantump, make good companions to Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist.

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The lore of these Pokémon is even more explicitly dark than Gourgeist’s, as these trees are literally haunted by the souls of the dead. If interlopers get too close, Trevenant will eat them after taking control of other trees to trap them. It’s a perfect scary ghost story for the season.


This pure Ghost Type has two evolved forms. Dusklops and Dusknoir are both formidable Mons, but look less like ghosts as the line goes on. In this rare case, the first stage Pokémon looks better than its evolutions. It kind of looks like a generic ghost decoration one would put on their house to celebrate October.

Duskull’s move pool has a lot of the obvious ghost-type tricks like nightshade and shadow sneak. What really makes this cycloptic Mon stand out are its Dex entries. Apparently, it can pass through any wall and spirits bad children off into the midnight. That last story could help deter any pranks around the time of all Hallow’s eve.


Mimikyu is a Pokémon that is already doing cosplay. This little scamp is dressed up as the famous mascot Pikachu like it’s already Halloween. But unlike trick-or-treaters, Mimikyu dresses in costumes because it’s shy. It is a lifelong friend if tamed, so it’s a great companion while trick-or-treating.

One shouldn’t treat this Pokémon lightly, however. Nobody has ever seen under its costume for good reason. A spectral hand emerges that drags someone who looks inside forever, never to return. This Pokémon might look like they’re ready for treats, but they have tricks, as well.


There are plenty of great Halloween monsters, but one of the most underrated is the mummy. It comes from Egyptian mythology (in a manner of speaking) and plagues the living with curses and death. Burial mask imagery is also very popular for spooky seasons for this reason. Cofagrigus combines all of this together into an especially spooky Ghost Type.

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It evolves from the more simplistic Yamask, whose lore implies it is also the ghost of a human. It has a Galarian form which evolves into Runerigus, which is a scary golem. Both mummies and golems are terrifying, and both Pokémon can reach out with their many spectral arms. Maybe let this many-armed fella pass out the candy on Halloween.


Hatterene isn’t the first Pokémon to be based on witches. That would be Mismagus. However, this iconic Generation 8 Pokémon surpasses its predecessor with superior typing. Fairy and Psychic is a strong type combination, and this hat-loving witch is already doing well competitively.

This blue-and-pink queen is only found in female varieties. The same is true for its predecessors, Hattrem and Hatenna. While jt might seem like Mismagus would fit better due to also being a ghost, Hattrene also represents autumn as a whole. Her design evokes the fae: creatures of the forest responsible for all the changes of the seasons.


There are tons of bats in the Pokémon games. They fill up the caves of various regions and the Golbat line even sucks blood. Despite this, Gliscor is the only Mon to make explicit references to being a vampire. The classic spooky monster might not be the most famous Pokémon bat, but it curdles the blood in the best way around Halloween season.

Gliscor possessed the unusual type combination of ground and flying. This gives it resistance to a lot of the usual weaknesses of flying Pokémon. When this is combined with its Poison-type and life-draining moves, it really feels like a vampire. It’s an unstoppable juggernaut coming to get what it wants.


Compared to many other Pokémon that represent classic Halloween monster archetypes, Gengar is just a ghost. He’s not a particularly inspired one either, simply having the standard ghostly shape and dream powers. However, what makes Gengar such a great fit for Halloween is its disposition. While there are some Gengars that will haunt nightmares for eons, most are just pranksters.

Gengar perfectly encapsulates the “trick” portion of “trick-or-treat.” This prankster has been seen using his ghostly abilities to spooky unsuspecting people but leave them no worse for wear. Domesticated Gengars have even been known to protect the dreams of trainers from nightmares, making them perfect for the night after a scary movie. There are some devious Gengars to be sure, but there’s no better partner during Halloween than this long-tongued lad.

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